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A-Z Guide to Spring in Zurich

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GG Zurich posted on May 9, 2018

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Bicycle, cruise and relax along Lake Zurich with these tips

Create an Invitation for your Summer Apero At The Creative Café

Devour an ice cream at Hasta or Gelateria di Berna

Eat Lakeside at Quai 61, Pump Station, Frischer’s Fritz or Fischstube

Find a favorite local designer during the Kreislauf 4 & 5

Get a new hairdo at one of Zuri Girl’s Favorite Salons

Hide in a Secret Garden

Invite a friend to join you for a walk through the Botanical Garden

Join a SUP Group (Stand Up Paddle Boarding)

Kidnap your love for a romantic picnic

Learn to Garden at one of Zuri Girl’s favorite gardening workshops

Make a cute summer dress at Social Fabric

Namaste your way through an outdoor yoga class

Open your closet to new opportunities

Pencil in summer Event dates like Orange…then Salt…now Allianz Cinema, Zuri Fest and so much more!

Quit buying from the store and Pick Your Own Fruits & Flowers

Reserve your Girls Night Out space at our Gin Tasting or Pizza & Wine Tasting

Save the Date for Zurich’s biggest summer bash Street Parade

Tour around Switzerland via 2 wheels

Upgrade your summer style with Swiss influence using our Swiss Designers Fashion Guide

View some of Switzerland’s beautiful hiking trails with the help of Moms Tots Zurich

Wax that bikini line at Pure Beauty Spa

X-press your summer style with vegan nail polish from Kure Bazaar

Yawn & relax along the lovely lakeside or in a pretty park

Zero in on 5 things from this list you promise to do this month.






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