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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on August 16, 2016

YouDressForYouThe Common Complaint: Unbelievably tired, rushed and have kids attached to your knees during the morning routine…no shoes to match the favorite new dress…another day, another black on black outfit…leaving the house feeling, “uh, I should have worn something else”.

The Solution: youdressforyou.ch, the online shop that hand-makes coordinating dresses & shoes in lovely, sophisticated colors, styles and sizes.

The Vision: youdressforyou.ch created to ensure women look and feel amazing no matter the occasion and no matter how many minutes the morning allows.

Can life really be that simple & still stylish, you ask? Zuri Girl chatted with founder, Susana Ramos about her stunning new design label dedicated to making a lady like you feel like the diva you are and (big bonus) take the pressure off shopping.

We are excited to share youdressforyou.ch…happy shopping ladies!

Inspirations for YOU

Susana was eager to add color and unique styles to the streets of Switzerland and also wanted to help ladies dress in a few minutes or less. The energy from her business launch came from knowing she could help women feel confident while making their life easier.

She shared her own experiences of shopping and finding the perfect dress, but then spending hours looking for shoes. The solution is so simple, she explains baffled that it’s not more common – create outfits that match and incorporate global styles and cultures so each woman feels truly unique.


Outfits for YOU

Inspired by 18 years as a Flight Attendant and global lifestyle, Susana designs the outfits based on fashion seen in other cities. Taking it even a step further, every piece in her collection is named after a city. How fun is it knowing that Monday morning you put on “Saint Tropez” – just the sound of it makes us feel glamorous!

Twice a year, new designs are launched in limited amounts starting at CHF 260 (shoes & dress combined). While dress sizes are 34-42 and shoes sizes are 36 – 41, there is a very exclusive number sold. If you are the kind of gal, that wants to ensure no one at the party is wearing the same dress as you, youdressforyou.ch was indeed made for you!


Style & Ease for YOU

What we love most about youdressforyou.ch is the style & ease of the outfits.

For style…well, it’s simply stunning. They have a classic, sophisticated look that are quite versatile – ideal for a corporate event, ladies luncheon or after-work apero.

We can’t help but admire the feminine touches like ¾ length sleeves, flirty scarf necklines and slimming waistline accessories like belts and bows.

The colors are playful, dainty and such a refresher from the everyday black & gray color schemes we all are guilty of wearing way too often.

For Ease…Susana selects fabrics that involve no wrinkles or ironing (cheers to a week of no ironing!). You can wear the dress all day and it looks like you just put it on. Same goes for washing….wash, hang up, wear again. Simple, easy and stress free.

Happy Shoppers for YOU

Having just officially launched in February 2014, Susana shares the struggles of starting a business from scratch and the time it took preparing the designs, virtual shop and administrative hurdles.

However, it’s all worth it as she tearfully shares how a woman walking down Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse was wearing one of her outfits and she felt like the entire world suddenly made sense! The woman was so excited to meet Susana and beyond happy with her purchase…sounds like a moment we all hope for!

She also was all smiles when hearing how pleased the shoppers have been with the comfort of the shoes (listen up, ladies…yes, we did say comfortable shoes). The heel is not as high as it looks so it maintains a fabulous appearance, but can be worn all day long and still feel good on your hard-working toes & feet.


Refreshing Wardrobe for YOU  

The Spring collection is launched and awaiting your body & feet.  Go ahead gals…check it out, add color to your life, ease to your days and create a simply fabulous YOU!



Article creating in collaboration with and supported by www.youdressforyou.ch














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