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GG Zurich
GG Zurich posted on April 17, 2012

Zuri Girl can’t ignore the common complaint that shopping in Zurich is expensive, but as the ole saying goes “One gal’s trash is another gal’s treasures “ and she has a proposed solution for those bargain hunters who crave the search for hidden gems.  Brockenhaus! Often referred to as a Brockenhaus, Brockenstube or simply Brocki, these shops can be your solution to household item shopping dilemmas. Different than antique shops, Brocki’s are second-hand shops / thrift stores selling day to day essentials.  As all items are 2nd hand, the costs are incredibly inexpensive and the quality and condition are typically “like new”.

Many locations offer delivery services and allow you to pay in advance and pick-up later if you do not have proper transport with you.

Zuri Girl’s Reccomended Brocki’s

Zurcher Brockenhaus

Heilsarmee Brocki 



Kinder Brocki

PS. Do you have a favorite Brocki not listed here? Leave a comment and share your franc savvy findings with girlfriends! 


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