DIY Shops in Zurich

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Switzerland is known for their high-quality handicrafts and now you can make a little something of your very own with craft supplies from some of our favorite DIY shops in Zurich.

House of Beads

Any bead you need will be at the House of Beads! They have an extensive variety of colors, sizes, shapes and materials of beads – of 4,500 to be more exact! Everything you need to create your own jewelry including string/thread, earring posts, necklace or bracelet closures is also available. They also do a bit of jewelry repair.

Weinbergfussweg 4, 8001 Zürich (map)
Website . Tel: +41 44 262 07 17

Papeterie Zumstein

From paper to paint, Zumstein has professional grade supplies for all things print. They also offer courses in watercolor, oil and acrylic painting and specialty courses like calligraphy.

Rennweg 19, 8001 Zürich (map)
Website . Tel. +41 44 211 77 70


Paper crafts, party decorations, color coordinating office supplies – McPaperland lives up to the name! Their online shops offer an even greater selection of what you need to create small to large scale handicraft items.  

Bleicherweg 15, 8002 Zürich (map), throughout Switzerland and online
Website . Tel: +41 44 281 18 18

Bastelboutique Liebundgut

The explosive colors of this boutique will give you so many great ideas! One of the more varied craft shops in the city, Liebundgut has what you need to start something from completely from scratch or use some pre-made materials to give you a headstart.  

Kuttelgasse 8, 8001 Zürich (map)
Website . Tel. +41 44 211 47 40

Bernina Zurich

Bernina is synonymous with top-quality sewing machines and their shop lives up to the reputation! Not only can you “test sew” with the machines they have on display, they have gorgeous fabrics for sale with buttons and zippers in every color.

Talacker 35, 8001 Zürich (map)
Website . Tel. +41 44 221 00 44


If knitting is your craft of choice, Vilfil lives up to their promise of having everything related to knitting in stock. From different colors and textures to different materials and tools, the shop experts are eager to answer all your questions to help you start your next knitting project.

Kreuzstrasse 39, 8008 Zürich (map)
Website . Tel +41 44 383 99 03

Migros Do it + Garden and Coop Bau + Hobby

More than just garden and home improvement centers. Migros Do it + Garden and Coop Bau + Hobby each has a crafts department for all your basic needs: paints, canvas, hot glue, stickers, scrapbooking, decoration maaking, rubber stamps, etc. Their selection can change with the seasons, so watch for the turning tides should you be interested in making something for fall.   

Various locations throughout Switzerland

Migros Do it + Garden
Coop Bau + Hobby

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