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Sundays are all about setting yourself up for the week, and this Zuri Girl found the most AWESOME way to get in the right frame of mind to tackle the week ahead by getting sucked into a new holistic fitness and wellness community team awesome CH.

team awesome CH was started (almost by accident) earlier this summer, by Aaron (@aaronberry) and Sabine (@stadtkind_2_0) who met at local spin studio, Velocity. Aaron is an instructor and Sabine a regular rider who got to chatting over the handlebars one day about how working out as part of a community is WAY more fun and motivational than going at it alone! Thus, team awesome CH was born as a fitness community where anyone is welcome and you can make new friends while working out in this judgement free zone! All levels of fitness are welcome and Aaron, Sabine and the team go to great lengths to make sure everyone feels they are getting the best possible workout, with some giggles, fist pumps and great tunes thrown into the mix!

To get a little taster, we went to a franc savvy free event one Sunday and we have to say….awesome (as the name suggests!) We started out with a 30-minute bootcamp which was challenging and fun in equal parts….even when we had to do a burpee every time Sting sang the word Roxanne. The music playlist was brilliant, the exercises were switched up and of the kind that everyone could find their own level and enjoy their own workout. We should mention that all this takes place outside so no mirrors or complicated gym equipment – the only thing that registers is the beat, and the whoops and fist pumps of your fellow workout buddies.

After the Bootcamp we headed off as a group for a 3k run around the fields with Uetliberg as our backdrop. Everyone can go at their own pace and you find yourself chatting with the group in a way you simply cannot do in a regular gym! Before you know it, it is time to return to ‘basecamp’ where you may even have a little energy in the reserves for a sprint finish!

If you think that is all team awesome CH has to offer you would be wrong, we finished the day with a 30 minute yoga session, led by the amazing Sylvia (@sylshinee) where as a group we found our zen, pushed ourselves with our downward dog’s and centered ourselves for the week ahead, finishing with a brief but amazing meditation. As someone who loves her yoga as much as her sweaty cardio, this literally could not have been better choreographed… This Zuri Girl is well and truly hooked!

After only a few short months the team awesome CH community is already over 50 people strong and growing every week. What started out as a running club is now so much more, and we suspect will become a core part of the Zuri fitness world in no time at all.

So, Zuri Girls, go and check it out. Visit the website at or follow the community on social media (@teamawesomech). Many events will remain franc savvy free, with other bigger events ‘pocketbook friendly’ so no need to worry about breaking the bank!  So, if you are out and about and see a group of people with a pineapple… you’ve found team awesome CH!


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Article by Mhorag Sharp…Mhorag arrived in Zurich from Edinburgh in 2016 and has wasted no time in getting out and about in her new home. By day she is an Executive Recruiter but by night she is exploring the best of what CH has to offer. An avid lover of all things theater, music, books, culture if any of these are matched with a coffee, juice or a wine then that is where you’ll find her….that is, if she’s not doing some sport that requires a helmet and an insurance waiver! She also has a keen interest in personal and professional development and occasionally finds time to scribble on her