Cycling Paths near Zurich

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We can all agree that the Zurich city center is gorgeous, but with trams, busses and zebra lines popping up everywhere and anywhere, we prefer to hit the open trails when it comes to cycling. Unfortunately we’re usually quite stumped for where else to go! We’re so craving that little kid feeling of hair blowin, wind swishing, feet pedaling feeling of a new adventure, but usually resort to the same ole Sunday brunch to avoid being drowned in bike path google searches.

We asked our friends at Switzerland Tourism for help, turning to them for ideas on cycling paths near Zurich. Here’s the scoop ladies…

Family Trail

This asphalted, mostly shady path is sure to overload the mommy blogs with “likes” and “shares”. The path follows the Töss downstream with plenty of BBQ pits along the way and ends in the industrial area of Winterthur.

Starting Point: Turbenthal (1 hour via SBB from Zurich)

Total Length: 20 KM

Zuri Girl Tip: The Jack & Jo at the Winterthur train station is a perfect way to end the outing. We haven’t been, but imagine it’s just as delicious as the Zurich Jack & Jo.

Plan my Grand Tour: Switzerland Tourism Website

Sightseeing, Cycling Style

Friends in Town and want to show them the sights on 2 wheels?  Zurich Tourism offers tours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings as well as other days by request. The Toptrek Tour Guides can host tours in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish and will pedal you through Zurich’s urban, recreational and picturesque landmarks.

Starting Point: Zurich

Total Length: 3 – 4 hours

Zuri Girl Tip: After working up a sweat, replenish at one of our favorite Juice Bars

Plan my Grand Tour: Zurich Tourism Website


If you prefer e-biking, start your journey in the charming, quaint town of Zug. It will be hard to keep your eyes on the road with the captivating Lake and mystical Old Town, but as you push on & up (with help from the e-bike of course) towards Unterägeri, you’ll spot a 2nd lake and awesome views of the Alps.  The tour ends in Einsiedeln, a beautiful village adorned with flowered terraces leading the pathway to the famous 10th century monastery

Starting Point: Zug (20 minutes via SBB from Zurich)

Total Length: 40 KM

Zuri Girl Tip: Cool off from your cycle by splashing in the lake at the Einsiedeln Badi.

Plan my Grand Tour: Switzerland Tourism Website

Beginner Biking

If the double digit kilometer paths and logistical planning are making you sweat before you even begin peddling, try an easy route to start off with. The Pfäffikon lake is only 12 kilometers round-trip, starts and ends in the same place and only 100-meter difference in altitude, making it a trifecta of stress-free fun!

Starting Point: Pfäffikon (30 minutes via SBB from Zurich)

Total Length: 12 KM

Zuri Girl Tip: The route takes you past one of our favorite fresh-food hangouts, Jucker Farm. Shift into 1st gear to make it in time for their weekend all-you-can-eat farmer’s brunch.

Plan my Grand Tour: Switzerland Tourism Website

Queen for a Day

Wind back time to the Middle Ages as you cycle along the Aare River and daydream about many moons ago. The route travels past  6 of Aargau’s 40 castles, some of which welcome you with majestic courtyard cafes, free grounds entrance and mystical fountains.

Starting Point: Koblenz (40 minutes via SBB from Zurich)

Total Length: 42 KM

Zuri Girl Tip: Castle in German is “Schloss” so keep an eye out for these signs along the route.

Plan my Grand Tour: Switzerland Tourism Website

Zuri Girl Tips

Don’t forget you must pay to bring your bike on the train. Ask for the best rate at an SBB Info Desk or check their website for special offers.

If you’re bike has been in the keller all year, make sure it’s in top condition before pedaling too far. Several Migro locations offer an Annual Inspection and Safety Check.

Don’t own a bike and unsure about making a big investment? The Helvetiaplatz Velo Borse has hundreds of 2nd hand bikes in awesome condition at half the price.

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