The Perfect Graduation Party

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High school graduation is a milestone both for parents and the graduate themselves. Ease the stress of graduation party planning with these professional tips. 

When planning your child’s graduation party, there are so many details to keep in mind. That is why we asked professional party planner, Cristina Rocco, from Italian Allegria Tailored Events for her top 5 tips and ways her team can make your party dreams come to life. This way, you can enjoy the party from the pop of the first champagne cork to bidding your final guest farewell in total relaxation.

Play with Creativity. 

Now that final exams are over and your graduate feels a taste of freedom (as well as incredibly grown up!) now is the time to “let your imagination fly” and plan an evening to remember. Get creative and do the unthinkable to surprise your precious baby and their friends with the coolest graduation party ever.

Party at Home.

If you choose to keep the party location under your own roof, turn your dining table into a gourmet restaurant and your living room into a disco! Consider adding in a hands-on cooking class to get your graduate and their friends side by side with a chef…maybe that means they will help you cook dinner in the future more often as well!

Exclusive Location.

For those who wish to have your graduation party somewhere other than your own address, Christina knows some hidden gems that you may not have considered before. If you go this route, why not organize a fun scavenger hunt for your party guests to discover the secret party location.

Join Forces.

Why not gather some of your family friends and hostess and joint graduation party? Not only will there be no competition on who’s party to attend if hosted on the same evening…but you can also share the budget! There are some incredibly cool locations in Zurich that Christina and her team can help you take over and party the night away.

Destination Event.

Finally, why party in Zurich when you can travel with the family for a bespoke weekend filled with personalized experiences in Italy? Christina is originally from Milan and she has many ideas up her fashionable sleeve to wow your family and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Most importantly, now is the time to play and create one-of-a-kind experience, fully tailored to your wishes. Would you like to add a DJ to your living room disco along with a show barman serving drinks? Just ask! Christina and her team have all the connections to make your party dreams come to life!

Zuri Girl Tip: Many of Cristina’s clients are expats and it is not unusual that family members from abroad travel to Switzerland for Prom and Graduation, then stay and explore for days or weeks. Take them to some of these great travel destinations within Switzerland and know that a weekend in Italy with Cristina’s advice is a popular request!


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