Blaastyle- Fashion as a Lifestyle

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Beauty, fashion, and food all in one.  Check out Blaastyle, the blog that will help you lead a fashionable lifestyle in a variety of different ways.

There are many Swiss Bloggers that are so incredibly unique, fun and informative. We aim to dig deeper, beyond their posts and into the minds and hearts of what inspires them to dedicate their lives to their blog. Allow us to introduce you to Blaastyle, a fashion blog created by Romina for people all over Switzerland and beyond!

GG: Tell us about your blogs name?
 Blaastyle: Blaastyle is the combination of “Blast” and “Style” with a double aa because I found it catchy when I started it.

GG: Tell us about your blogs logo.
Blaastyle: I was sharing with my graphic designer friend about my inspirations, what I wanted to share on the blog and my style. He came up with this unique, minimalist and edgy logo “BLAAST” that I absolutely love!

GG: How would you describe your blog?
Blaastyle: “Fashion as a Lifestyle”. I live for fashion and everything that’s around that includes the aesthetics, styling places or cool travels. That’s what I like to share with people. 

GG: Who is your blog targeted to?  Women, men, travelers, etc. What age?
Blaastyle: I target modern women and men who are interested in fashion and style, but also who like to travel and discover genuine places.  

GG: When did you begin your blog and what was your inspiration?
Blaastyle: I began my blog a while back, in 2011, to share with a broader audience my passion for fashion. And I’m here today! 

GG: What is your favorite part of your blog?
Blaastyle: Everything about it! Although I wish to change the design eventually.  

GG: Based on your blog, can you give some advice to our readers?
Blaastyle: Enjoy doing it! If you are getting caught in the vicious cycle where you feel you HAVE TO post and publish new content, that means you are not enjoying it anymore. 

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