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Planning a wedding is difficult, but so is having small children!  These two are here to help!

Deborah & Jérôme, the founders of Mademoiselle No More and Mama rocks, are just your ordinary Zurich family.  Busy with two small kids but extremely motivated to write, Deborah is truly inspired to help other women plan their weddings or give first hand parental advice!  Deborah & Jérôme have big “blog” plans for the future! We caught up with them to see what makes them tick!

Job Related

GG: What, or who, inspired you to create your blog?
Deborah & Jérôme: Deborah started Mademoiselle No More in October 2013 just two months after we got married. She found herself having a lot of free time (as our wedding planning was over) and felt like Switzerland needed a good wedding blog.  Mama rocks started after our two children were born.

GG: Tell us about your latest projects…what are you working on at the moment?
Deborah & Jérôme: We are trying focus on longtime cooperation – there are some negotiations with big players going on. Can’t talk about it yet. 😉


GG: Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
Deborah & Jérôme: Deborah originally wanted to work in diplomatic services and has a masters degree in International Relations.

GG: How do you spend your day?
Deborah & Jérôme: As we have a 2.5 year old toddler and a 2.5 months old baby almost everything is about the kids. Either keeping the big one busy or nourishing the little one. When they are sleeping we finally get to write.

Local Tips
GG: Tell us about you out on the town…any favorite restaurants or boutiques that we should check out?

Deborah & Jérôme: We live in Zurich. Right know we mostly go for “kid friendly” places, like “Kafi dihei”, “Elle n’ Belle” or “Tibetasia”. We also do a lot of Take Away from “Friends Corner” (Tamil Food). For a drink I like “Frau Gerolds Garten”, “Spheres” or “Rimini”.

For shopping we go to the shops at “Viadukt” – we always find something nice there. And there’s great food at the “Markthalle”.


GG: How do you keep organized?
Deborah & Jérôme: Good question! I’m (Deborah) kind of a chaotic person… I guess my husband helps a lot with that.

GG: What is your favorite inspirational quote?
Deborah & Jérôme: “The days are long, but the years are short.”

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