Liza Kovalyova

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Her motto? “Believe in yourself and trust your inner voice.”  That’s what Liza Kovalyova did to create her brand, LIKOV. Surrounded by fashion her entire life, creativity is at her epicenter and her inspiration comes directly from her parents.  She grew up surrounded by art and studying fashion in Milan, Liza Kovalyova brings her lifetime of creative influence into her brand, LIKOV.

We caught up with Liza to see what makes her tick…


Job Related

GG: What, or who, inspired you to enter the field of work you are in now?
Liza: Being a daughter of musicians, since childhood I’ve been emerged in creativity. But fashion design has always been something I wanted to do. I’ve been drawing dresses for hours since I was a little girl. I also watched a lot of programs with catwalks from Milan and Paris.

I decided to study fashion in Milan and since then it became not only my career, but my whole life. I’ve worked more than a decade in the fashion industry for some of the top names. But I always known that at some point I’d have had my own clothing brand.

GG: Tell us about your latest projects…what are you working on at the moment?
Liza: Right now I’m really focused on connecting with my customers by creating more events/collaborations and pop-up shops. But my biggest ambitious would be to open a concept store: an oasis for modern women in Zürich.


GG: Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
Liza: Most of my time I live, work & breathe in pyjamas.
When I’m sad I like to order home delivery Asian food so that I can have it while watching Grey’s Anatomy. Also, listening to ABBA makes me cry, dance and feel happy all at the same time!

GG: What are some favorite beauty products you cannot live without?
Liza: Since I’ve discovered the Swiss brand KOSHO, based on Matcha extract. I use mostly their products . Also La Nuit De Chanel + Masque Dèstressant from Chanel are my must have.

Local Tips

GG: Tell us about you out on the town…any favorite restaurants or boutiques that we should check out?
Liza: I mostly shop online, but every time I am downtown, I like to visit Fidelio, Salvatore Schito, Vestibule and Tserkov Concept Stores.

GG: Favorite restaurant/cafe in Zurich?
Liza: Love having coffee & amaretti au champagne at Cafe Al Leone and my summer spot for coffee is the Grieder rooftop cafe, that has an amazing view on Paradeplatz. My favorite Italian place is Leoni Firenze and if I want to treat myself with sweets I go to Conditorei Schober.


GG: How do you keep organized?
Liza: Various To-do list and Apps in my iPhone. I’m truly digital. And to remember things I take thousands of photo

GG: What is your favorite inspirational quote?
Liza: “You can if you think you can”


GG: Favorite blogger to follow: food/fashion/news?

Liza: I’m a modern Insta-Woman, so I’ll just write the Insta profiles that inspires me on daily-basis: My modern fashion muses are: @hedvigso @tamumcpherson @thefashionguitar @alexandralapp @lenaperminovaFor make-up trends and lessons: @lisaeldridgemakeupFor the news and latest trends: Garance Dore blog 

GG: What advice would you give to your younger self?
Liza: Believe in yourself and trust your inner voice. Don’t let anyone change the way you are, because uniqueness is rare and not everybody can understand and appreciate it. Dream BIG and move your ASS because our time in this life is precious.