Sora Choi

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Unique handmade jewelry that is sure to spice up your wardrobe. We caught up with Sora Choi.

There are many Swiss Fashion Designers that are so incredibly creative, modern and passionate. We aim to dig deeper, beyond their designs and into the minds and hearts of what inspires them to dedicate their lives to their brand. Join us on a journey of discovering all things fashionably Swiss…allow us to introduce you to Sora Choi. 

GG: Tell us about your brand name?
Sora Choi: It’s a combination of my given name and my moms maiden name. It sounds much more elegant then Sora Renggli. 🙂

GG: Tell us about the logo?
Sora Choi: I designed the Logo myself. I wanted an elegant, timeless Logo that fit to my timeless and filigree jewellery.

GG: How would you describe your designs?
Sora Choi: My designs are elegant, filigree, and timeless pieces that can be worn alone or you can combine the pieces.

GG: Where are most of your items produced?
Sora Choi: I make the jewellery myself but the materials are mostly produced in the USA. I use very high quality “gilding” which is called “gold filled.” It’s not very common in Switzerland yet. If you’d like to know more about gold filled material just let me know. 🙂

GG: What is your earliest memory of being inspired by fashion?
Sora Choi: My mom always had and still has a very good taste in fashion, so I’d have to say my moms wardrobe was a huge inspiration.

GG: What is your favorite piece you ever designed?
Sora Choi: I really love my Oshun bracelets, Chloe chocker, and Epona Rings.. well actually it’s really hard to choose. 🙂 There are quite a few “favorite” pieces.

GG: What are your favorite materials to use?
Sora Choi: My favorite material to use is gold.

GG: Where do you source your materials and where are your items produced?
Sora Choi: My jewellery is made in Switzerland. As mentioned above, I buy most of my materials in the USA but also from Switzerland depending on what it is.

GG: Can you give some fashion advice to our readers?
Sora Choi: If you don’t know what to wear, wear black with some beautiful jewellery! 🙂


Sora Choi
Magnusstrasse 4, 8004 Zürich
Website. Tel: +41 76 331 4104

Where to Shop: Online. or at Jo Brauer, Rumour, Uniqum, Anderswo concept store, and Sunlight Küsnacht.