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Calling all ladies who live in the urban jungle…this brand is for you! We caught up with Pauline Treis, the creative mind behind Jungle Folk and fell in love with her well-tailored designs, her commitment to sustainability and her impeccable eye for classic design.

There are many Swiss Fashion Designers that are so incredibly creative, modern and passionate. We aim to dig deeper, beyond their designs and into the minds and hearts of what inspires them to dedicate their lives to their brand. Join us on a journey of discovering all things fashionably Swiss…allow us to introduce you to Jungle Folk.


GG: Tell us about your brand name?
Jungle Folk: Jungle Folk emerged from the idea of offering clothes for modern city women who are living in the „urban jungle.“ It also came from the brand’s roots, which lay in Colombia where I started to work with artisans for my collections about five years ago. Folk stands for an idea of “Community” where I want to connect the maker with the client.

GG: Tell us about the logo?
Jungle Folk: The logo was developed by a friend and includes „Conscious Clothing“ since we try to do everything as consciously as possible: the sourcing of the materials, the logistics, always thinking about the impact we’re having and trying to do it „better“

GG: How would you describe your designs?
Jungle Folk: Everyday basics, which are more than basic by their quality, beautiful, soft materials and impeccable tailoring. I want to make wearable pieces, favorites in which a woman will always feel at ease and feel good to be wearing!

GG: Where are most of your items produced?
Jungle Folk: The bestsellers is a line I always have on stock, I call them „Never Out of Season“ pieces. They are made out of organic pima cotton in small cooperatives in Peru. Check out the Olivia shirt and the Lili dress and you’ll see what I mean 😉

All the pieces I have developed are made out of certified natural materials and I work with cooperatives of women who earn fair wages. We work vey closely and I visit them a few times per year. It is very important for me what impact I have and where the pieces are made.

GG: What is your earliest memory of being inspired by fashion?
Jungle Folk: Ha! Going to school at age 10-11 and seeing the older girls wearing vintage and more unique clothing. I was very drawn to colors and crazy outfits at that time – something I still love for parties and special occasion. In my every day life, which is very busy and full of work, I love basic, practical pieces.

GG: What is your fashion influence? Travel? People? Fashion Weeks?
Jungle Folk: Everything can influence me and it normally comes in the most unexpected moments like driving or even in the shower. It can be a mixture of nature or colors, a texture or even a person! I can get lost in art and photography and I love ceramics and different weaving techniques. All of this inspires and influences me!

GG: What is your favorite piece you ever designed?
Jungle Folk:It’s coming next summer!! It’s a neck holder dress made out of a handwoven silk-cotton satin and it’s so,so beautiful. Then this winter it’s the Nieve Sweater, a one site and very unique sweater made out of baby alpaca wool. It’s combinable in so many ways and something I can always just throw on when I do not know what to wear.

GG: What are your favorite fabrics/textures?
Jungle Folk: Linen in the summer and baby alpaca in the winter! Both have unique qualities and are perfect as they are 100% natural.

GG: Where do you source your fabrics and where are your fashions produced?
Jungle Folk: I source more and more all over the world. I try to find unique projects like the silk-cotton weavers in Northern India, and the linen farmers in France. I work closely with them to develop new pieces. I try to sew the pieces near to where the material comes from to avoid long transport routes and costs.

GG: Can you give some fashion advice to our readers?
Jungle Folk: Find your style in what you feel most at ease in! It’s not about being „fashionable“ or „in“ but to wear pieces which go to your body type, character and life. You do not need a huge wardrobe, but rather pieces that are really YOU. It’s worth investing time and thought in that because wearing the right clothes can make you feel so much better in life!

Jungle Folk
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