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Questioning the norm is what brought the brand QWSTION to existence. There are many Swiss Fashion Designers that are so incredibly creative, modern and passionate. We aim to dig deeper, beyond their designs and into the minds and hearts of what inspires them to dedicate their lives to their brand. Join us on a journey of discovering all things fashionably Swiss…allow us to introduce you to QWSTION.

GG: Tell us about your brand name?
A good answer is the result of the right question: we aim to create good everyday bags for urban use. We do so by questioning the norm in matters of design and production. That is how QWSTION was brought to life, written with a little twist.

GG: Tell us about the logo?
We believe a product should speak for itself and a statement of origin is all the branding it really needs. That is why we came up with the concept of an “anti-logo”. Unlike most common logos that feature a combination of letters and a symbol, ours only contains the name QWSTION. 

Finding a simple and timeless typeface was crucial. We discovered it in EuropaType’s modern sans serif typeface EUROPA. Run by graphic designer and typographer Fabian Leuenberger, EuropaType is based in Zurich and London. Their approach to develop typeface turned out to be very similar to our approaching bags: Questioning and refining the shapes of our heritage. Creating products for everyday use that are timeless in style. 

GG: How would you describe your designs?
Timeless, simple, functional, Swiss

GG: Where are most of your items produced?
QWSTION bags are designed and developed in Zurich, Switzerland. Manufac­turing takes place in the city of Huizhou, around 120 kilometers from Hong Kong, China. Since 2010 we’ve been working with a small factory that’s run by its owners. They ensure experienced and skilled workmanship and through a close partnership we can accomplish the high product quality standards we set for ourselves.

The factory is a member of the BSCI (Business and Social Compliance Initiative), an EU initiative that implements all European standards in terms of working conditions and ecological aspects in Non-EU countries. We visit all these factories ourselves at least twice a year to work on de­velopments and control the quality through all production stages. In addition to that, our bags are tested by TÜV Rheinland in Germany.

GG: What is your earliest memory of being inspired by fashion?
Probably Barbie and Ken

GG: What is your fashion influence? Travel? People? Fashion Weeks?
We are inspired by other brands and designers that are also part of our store concepts. Its all about well made products, manufactured with responsibility. We consider QWSTION not a fashion brand but a brand for products. Therefore we don’t follow trends a lot.

GG: What is your favorite piece you ever designed?
Our very first product was the QWSTION Backpack. Now, 9 years later, we still carry it in our collection, although we have developed it further several times.

GG: What are your favorite fabrics/textures?
We are passionate about developing materials. Almost 80% of our collection is made with high density certified organic cotton, we aim to reach 100% soon. At the same time we spend a lot of energy in research and development of alternatives, some promising leads will be coming up in the near future.

GG: Where do you source your fabrics and where are your fashions produced?
We source almost all materials directly and visit our suppliers regularly, which enables us to realize our own unique material developments. Our suppliers for metal hardware as well as our straps fulfill highest standards, and our canvas and lining consists of renewable resources only. We use waxed vegetable tanned leather to avoid pollution which is often caused by standard chrome tanning.

GG: Can you give some fashion advice to our readers?
We do not have very specific tips here, but there are some nice stores in Zurich, that carry great brands. Of course, our own store being one of them.. 🙂

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