Nanna Bunte Küche

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Spice up your life with delicious, stress-free spices & ready to cook meals from the adorable family foodie boutique, Nanna Bunte Küche.

The disneyland of Gewürze & Süsses, browse 3 rooms bursting with vibrancy as flavorful as the goodies that line them…hand made & individually packaged breakfast, rice, lentil & spice mixes ready to cook .

You’re biggest stress will be what to make Tuesday and what will have to wait for Wednesday.

Thanks to the lovely Claudia who gave us a tour and the inside scoop…

An Idea was Born

In a post World War II life without all the insta-meals of today, a German wife & mother started blending spices to market goers near Wiesbaden offering something deliciously new & hopeful.

In 2011, a shop opened in St. Gallen and last year in 2016, 3 generations later, granddaughter Nanna Rittgardt, opens a shop in Zurich sharing her grandparents traditional recipes packed with the same creativity and love from a world of yesterday but conveniences of today.


Why we Love Nanna Bunte Küche

Ready to Boil Deliciousness. Select from colorful, creative mixtures of lentil, quinoa & rice bags. With mouths watering, you’ll smile reading tasty combinations like Lemon & Coriander, Cumin & Turmeric and a Breakfast Quinoa made with Apple, Almond & Vanilla.

Holidays in Winter. When the weathers blah and you’re craving an exotic beach, relive the holiday meal with Asian & African inspired combinations like Banana Curry, Java Curry, Vanilla Curry & African Curry.

Spice is Life! Chicken and meat dishes often need a simple splash of spice to go from mediocre amateur chef to downright delicious. Some flavor savers that caught our eye included Grated Sesame Pepper, BBQ Grill Pepper and Orange Pepper.

Cooking Challenged Anonymous. Work colleagues coming over and you’re clueless to the difference between a cheese grater and garlic grinder?  Nanna Bunte Küche has you covered. Literally ladies, you just need a pot of boiling water to make a stress-free delicious meal that will have the water cooler chit chat going for weeks.

Zuri Girl Tip

Gift giving ideas galore fill the shop! The boutique team will happily create a beautifully packaged set, but you can hand pick the contents based on your price range and taste buds.

Start by selecting the gift basket size best for you and then begin filling it with goodies. Don’t forget to add some of the fun labeled products like the Glücks Schweinchen pig pastaand Ich will auf’s Ei ground seasoning.  Of course, the Vin d’Orange Wine is a must to accompany!

Spice Up your Day Today! 

Birmensdorferstrasse 171, 8003 Zürich (map)

+41 44 461 12 57 | Nanna Bunte Kuche Website