Juice & Smoothie Shops in Zurich

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With the summer heat so hot, fresh juice & smoothies are our “go to” these days. Whether a grab & go afternoon boost or a fun catch up with friends, we love the refreshing combination of fruits, veggies, herbs, nuts and superfoods shaken and stirred into a colorful delicious treat.

Schedule your summer dates at our favorite Juice & Smoothie Shops in Zurich…

Joe & the Juice. With fun names like Broc ‘n’ Roll and Go Away Doc, we love most that these healthy havens are always served with a smile. While they were our Sihl City WIFI hot stop to upload our Instagrams in between shopping, they just opened another location at Schifflande Zurich near Bellevue so regardless of which side of the lake you’re on, you can get your fresh juice fix.

Joe & the Juice

Juicery 21. More of a ‘grab & go’ than a ‘stop & sip’, swing by on a Sunday to try their new peanut butter almond milk smoothie for a leisurely walk along the Sihl River after being inspired with a peak at their cold press juice kitchen located downstairs from the main shop.

Juicery 21

Juice Market

One of the original Zurich Juice Shops the name says it all! Located steps away from buzzing Bahnhofstrasse, they also offer a full menu and seating area for a mid-day snack or work break lunch with daily-made soups, salads, sandwiches and one of the few places we’ve seen with topped Baked Potatoes as a main dish.

Juice Market


The Vegan take-away hot spot of 2015 is still one of our favorite places for a Green Glow Smoothie  before hopping on the train at HB.  With a wide selection of Protein Shakes, Juices, Smoothies and extra shot options, we also love their breakfast açaì bowls for a kick-start morning boost.



A smaller Juice & Smoothie menu than some of the others mentioned here, but with ingredients like coriander, radishes, mint, Spirulina, hemp seeds and pineapple, you really don’t need to look further. Plus we love sitting outside along the Oberdorfstrasse and watching the tourists and shoppers stroll by.

B.Good Food from Farmers

Zuri Girl Tip

Take the challenge with us and make Juice Bars the new Coffee Shop. There’s so many in the city and we’re excited to try all of them! Check our City Guide  and let us know if you go to the ones we haven’t been like Sasou near Langstrasse, SUC Juice Bar in Oerlikon Train Station and the University neighborhood’s Superfood lover Klara’s Kitchen.