Ski Season Fitness Tips

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Zuri Girls, it is time to pack away your swimsuits and beach towels because it is happening….Winter is coming. So although, the warm weather days are gone, let us rejoice that winter sports (and après ski) are back!

Getting off the ski lift is easy, but remember it’s all downhill from there, so you want to be prepared. In order to ready yourself for this season, here are some workout tips to hit the slopes in tip top shape so you can enjoy every snowy second. You can take these exercises to the gym, in your home or outside.

Cardio is a must!

Riding down those slopes at the beginning of the season can be a pain in the lungs if you have spent the summer lounging on a beach towel. The crisp autumn weather is the perfect time to get your cardio levels back up so you can fly down the mountain.

Easiest and fastest way is to head out for a jog every day, just 30 minutes and you will start to feel the benefits within just a couple weeks. If jogging isn’t your style, try hitting up an interval class. These higher intensity classes will rev up your heart rate and improve your overall fitness level so you will breathe like a marathoner up on those mountains.

Treadmill Backwards Squat Walk

Sounds funny, but it works! Set treadmill to low setting and begin walking, increase the incline as high as you can handle. Once speed and incline are set, slowly turn around so your feet are facing the back of the treadmill and lower into squat position, all while walking!

This will load those quads and prepare them for the downhill load you will have while skiing. Work your way up to 1 minute for 3-5 sets.


Side Box Hops

This exercise will help you build those quadriceps to withstand the constant up and down bounce, especially for mogul or jump runs.

Find a small step or box that you can hop from either side. Stand on the side of the box with your right foot on top of the box and your left foot on the ground. Quickly step up onto the box with your right foot, and moving laterally, change your right foot for your left foot and end with your right foot on the ground. Continue this move for 2-5 minutes. It will definitely burn, but remember, if it is burning in the gym, it won’t on the slope!



Pushup Mountain Climbers

These two combined exercises will strengthen your upper body, shoulders and core all necessary to assist you along, keep you upright, and pick yourself back up if you tumble. Try 3-5 pushups then add 50-80 mountain climbers; continue this set without breaks for up to 5 minutes. You will definitely feel the burn and your heart rate will fly.


Bluebird Bounce Squats or Stair Hops

Stand with feet a little wider than hip width apart and then lower bodyweight so your thighs are at least parallel with the floor. With added weight (or not), try for 5 minutes worth of pulsing (small bouncing movement). Modify even further by standing and balancing on the flat part of a Bocu ball. This will force you to use your core a bit more and emulate the instability of being on the mountain.

For stair hops find a flight of stairs. While in parallel squat position hop up and back down the entire flight of stairs all while in squat position. Bounce like a little bluebird up and down those stairs. Do this for up to 5 minutes and really feel your legs burn up!

Endurance strength training

This means strength training with weights or even without, but with more reps, think within a 3-5 minute time frame. This will ready your muscles to undergo stress for long periods of time, perfect for those beautifully long Alpine slopes.

So there you have it Zuri Girls! Do each of these exercises 3 times a week for 1month or starting now until Ski season begins and you will hit the slopes in top form and ready to tear it up the entire day! You will earn that après ski!

leticia bioWritten by Zuri Girl, Leticia Mora. A Personal Trainer since 2012 with a background in psychology and fitness, she makes personal training a perfect combination to motivate and get people on a healthy lifestyle track. She absolutely loves helping people to realize their goals. Since moving to Switzerland she has started Rockin Bods, a personal training company.