Celebrate Earth Day Everyday!

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Happy Earth Day! Thankfully times have changed since Earth Day was first held in 1970 as we’ve become a more eco-conscious world in general. Proof of that can be found right here in our lovely city of Zurich! We interviewed a few of our favorite sustainable and environmentally aware businesses about what they’re doing to make for a better tomorrow.

Social Fabric

Social Fabric is a community of seamstresses, tailors and crafters looking to help people extend the lifetime of their clothes and learn how to make their own clothes. They offer several how-to and “up-cycling” workshops for various skill levels. If you attend one of their workshops, you can bring your own materials or choose from their inventory of non-conventional sustainable textiles. Social Fabric has textiles made from wood or milk protein as an alternative to resource intensive materials like cotton.

Website | Eichstrasse 29, 8045 Zurich map

Social Fabric video

Circle Shop

We love the unique shopping experience that the Niederdorf has to offer. Circle Shop fits right in with the best of them and strives to promote products that do the plant good. Nearly all the products sold are sustainable goods including some organic skin products and even garden supplies. The two-level shop has 20+ brands and many more items coming from local and individual producers who make goods like handbags by hand rather than relying on huge factories. Because artists and designers can sell their goods in Circle Shop, there is a certain kind of “market place” feel.

Website  |  Brunngasse 3, 8002 Zurich   map


Wildbiene + Partner

Wildbiene is a business on their own and the Partner part is you! Their goal as company with sustainable business practices is to promote a healthy bee population. Healthy bees mean pollinated flowers and plants and more food for all of us! By purchasing your own BeeHome full of mason bees (the friendly kind without stingers), you can be a part of the effort to help Swiss farmers grow a good crop for us all to enjoy next year. “Raising” your own pet bees isn’t only a direct experience with nature, but a great way to do something for the environment that we all can benefit from.