Flat Whites in Zurich

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We love our cappuccinos, but were on the hunt for the best Flat White in Zurich and chatted with our girlfriend Jennifer who recently did a roundup of cafes serving this caffeinated delight on her blog: This Off Script Life.

If you are not familiar with the difference between a Flat White and a cappuccino, she says, “the simplest way to describe them is to say that they’re stronger versions of cappuccinos. Flat whites are served with microfoam (instead of steamed milk and foam), and they’re smaller in volume than cappuccinos (which means there’s a higher coffee-to-milk ratio).

Here are our top 5 locations to get a Flat White in Zurich:

  1. Cafe New Zealand: Langstrasse 120 (map)
  2. Grande Café & Bar: Limmatquai 118 (map)
  3. Milchbar: Kappelergasse 16 (map)
  4. Le Raymond: Bleicherweg 8 (map)
  5. Café Henrici: Niederdorfstrasse 1 (map)

For a Flat White to go…we highly recommend Vi Cafe near Bellevue (map)


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Article contributed by: Zuri Girl Jennifer D’Angelo Swain, a writer living in Zürich since the fall of 2012. When not working on her next screenplay or story, she is likely to be traveling or indulging in different kinds of cuisine.

In her past life, as she calls it, Jennifer practiced trademark and copyright law in the United States and wasn’t having nearly as much fun as she is now.

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