Kitchen Party

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The Rive Gauche Kitchen Party…one of Zurich’s premium restaurants opens the doors to its kitchen, 6 highly acclaimed chefs are gathered in it together with a crowd of curious, famished gourmets. We’d call this the recipe for a delightful evening!


How often after a good dinner have you wondered what it might look like inside the kitchen and who the people are who created the fabulous meal which miraculously disappeared in a matter of minutes?The majority of diners have a vague idea of what it might look like in a professional kitchen. Loud, hot and hectic are some of the adjectives that come to mind.

Zuri Girl was amongst the fortunate to attend Rive Gauche’s second kitchen party to see for herself!


The evening started with green aprons, which were provided to all guests. After a glass of champagne in the dining room, the group was led to the kitchen where Baur au Lac’s Maurice Marro, Olivier Rais and Laurent Eperon awaited the cheerful crowd together with Wolfgang Kuchler and his son Christian as well as Mario Corti of Schloss Elmau. The group of chefs enchanted the guests with culinary delights. Accompanied by life music, Ziri Girl indulged in the small portions created right in front of the guests. Favorites included an asparagus cream ( Zuri Girl couldn’t get enough of the creamy texture and aromatic ingredients), scallops and seafood as well as truffled delicacies.


Seeing the chefs in full action while attentively answering culinary questions raised by a curious group of gourmets was a special treat and Zuri Girl happily stocked up on the recipes, which were handed out in the kitchen. We can’t wait to try some of these dishes ourselves. Yes it was crowded, hot and loud as every kitchen should be…Zuri Girl enjoyed every minute of this very authentic event.


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Photos courtesy of Rive Gauche