Café Henrici: The Best Coffee in Town

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Located in the heart of Zurich’s old town, Niederdorf, Café Henrici has quickly become one of Zurich’s most notorious café’s. The bohemian-style atmosphere, paired together with delicious coffee and homemade desserts and flammkuchen, makes for a relaxed vibe for any situation! It’s the perfect location for brunch, a refuel stop during a shopping trip, or a post-work get together.

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The Atmosphere

The Café is fairly large compared to most other coffee shops in Niederdorf, especially because seating is available both indoors and outdoors. The café has various seating options, which include bar seating, a lounge area, and the standard table and wooden chairs. A personal favorite is the lounge area, because it has comfortable couches as its seating area and small circular tables for food and drinks.

The open kitchen allows every customer to see their order being made, and the café constantly smells of delicious Flammkuchen and espresso! The best part of the open kitchen has to be the view of all of the homemade desserts: classic New York cheesecake, walnut brownies, and traditional Apfel Strudel, which is a German apple pie.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to grab a table on the café’s terrace during the warmer seasons and catch some sunlight while practically inhaling their addictive homemade lemonade! By 4pm every seat is usually taken because of the café’s popularity, so try get there earlier if you can – otherwise, you’ll definitely be able to grab a spot inside where its cooler and much quieter. 

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The Food and Drinks

Out of all of the café’s in Zurich, Henrici is known for its coffee, and has the reputation of making the best coffee in town. It’s hard to disagree, as the cappuccinos can be addicting, especially when paired with a slice of cheesecake! Speaking of cheesecake, this is pretty much one of the only locations to offer classic and homemade cheesecake, and it does not disappoint. It’s definitely one of the first things you need to try when visiting the café! Other staples include the walnut brownie, chocolate cake, and for a healthier choice, the acai bowl. For those with dietary restrictions, the café offers vegan and lactose-free ice cream, as well as vegan vanilla frappés!

Henrici isn’t just a place to grab some coffee and dessert, because they have wonderful lunch and dinner options as well. The homemade Flammkuchen is perfect for sharing, and they offer many different varieties, including original, cheese and bacon, and Mexican-style. Most of their food is great to split between some friends, as it is served in an antipasti fashion where you order multiple things for the whole table.

Prices are fairly reasonable for Zurich, and in fact, for the quality are very fair. Be prepared to pay CHF 5.50 for a cappuccino and CHF 8.50 for the cheesecake.

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Why We Love It

The atmosphere provides a refreshing café experience compared to other places in Zurich, the food and drinks never disappoint (and in fact create cravings for their cheesecake the minute you have your first bite), and the staff is very friendly. What more could anyone want?

Zuri Girl Tip

Enjoy some live music and other performances a few times a month. Bands and performers of all different genres create an even more relaxing atmosphere, and it’s the perfect chance to discover some new artists!

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Café Henrici 

Niederdorfstrasse 1, 8001 Zurich (map)

+41 44 251 5454 | Café Henrici Website

Monday: 8:00-22:00 | Tuesday-Friday: 8:00-24:00 | Saturday: 9:00-24:00 | Sunday: 9:00-22:00

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