Susi Prinz Original Necklace

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Before launching to the public, you can win a a Valentine’s Day contest by local jewelry designer.

It’s Susi Prinz’s new kissme-at collection. Each necklace comes with a box of 54 playing cards and a small leaflet explaining the charming story of the pendant and the significance of each card you can choose to wear in the pendant. You select the “queen of hearts”, the “king of hearts” or the “jack of hearts”, and the chosen card is then inserted into the pendant and worn as jewellery.

How to Enter

Email a love poem written by you to by 13 February

What you Win

A silver kissme-at pendant with a suede cord worth CHF 235! Plus a private meeting and tour with Susi Prinz in her design studio and your poem & photos on her website.

Good luck ladies!

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