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The trend of quick yet healthy lunch spots is sizzling throughout Zurich and the latest on the Slow Fast Food casual dining scene is Jack & Jo. Opened in late 2015 near Europaallee, they’re filling Zurich bellies with smoothies and salads…with a side of fries…

En Guete!

Jack & Jo

The Atmosphere
An urban feel with long, communal tables, complete with the added perk of outlets along the table tops make this a great spot to grab something to eat while typing away on your computer without skipping a beat. A few lounge couches and more private seating areas line the outer walls if you can score a free one…perfect for meeting someone new, maybe a coffee date!

With high ceilings, an open kitchen and floor to ceiling windows, the space feel feels bright, buzzing and exactly how an office hour escape for lunch time should feel.

Jack & Jo

The Food
A mix of burgers and salads with a handful of breakfast favorites like overnight oats and Chia apple pancakes…we would especially recommend the salads and deliciously healthy juices!

Loads of vegetarian options like the quinoa burger, spinach quesadilla and make your own salads with energy packed ingredients like quinoa, fennel and edamame.

We loved the bursts of flavor in the wasabi cream dressing and the dark chocolate bar with orange seems like an odd combo, but was divine, hitting that afternoon sweets craving like a good ole treat should do. 

Jack & Jo

Why We Love It
Sometimes out and about you crave a green smoothie and only so few places blend the day away like we wish they would. But here find takeaway daily juices like a nutritional love affair combining ginger, carrots, dates, matcha tea and more. 

Jack & Jo

Zuri Girl Tip
Jack & Jo has extended hours until midnight Mon-Sat which makes this the perfect spot to grab a healthy dinner or simply meet friends for cocktails!

Jack & Jo

Jack & Jo
Gustav-Gull-Platz 2, 8004 Zurich (map)
Website . +41 44 542 88 99

Select photos & dining experience courtesy of Jack & Jo.