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A cultural hub in Zurich’s West End, this bar offers far more than just drinks…Books. Readings. Discussions. And. So. Much. More…

Local city dwellers know this destination is a bar, a café, a bookstore…and also a publishing house with one of the city’s best summer seating along the Limmat.


The Atmosphere:

Opened Sept. 1999, Sphères was once the location for a china wholesale distributor, historical evidence everywhere you look. Today’s ‘stage’ is the dock the delivery trucks would frequently back into, and the airy “Gleisraum” spacious seating once housed the train tracks (still visible if you know where to look). The friendly and uncomplicated bohemian vibe to the place is a welcome change from the upscale cafes of downtown Zurich. In winter, the atmosphere is warm and cozy, in summer the café is transformed into an open and airy oasis.


The Menu:

Although there is no kitchen on site, the seasonal and regional menu at Sphères is popular among locals who look forward to 2-4 salad options, 2 warm soups, 2 warm menus for takeaway (always a vegetarian option alongside their infamous g’hackets hörnli), and 2 warm menus prepared à la minute (generally a vegetarian Bravo-Ravioli and fleishkäse option). Vegans in Zurich can count on at least one delicious menu item placed daily especially for them!


The Drinks:

For coffee lovers, the house-roasted premium coffee of H. Schwarzenbach is served at Sphères, a dark roast for the espresso and a lighter roast for the schale. Beer connoisseurs are in luck, as this is one of the few bars in Zurich where you can find locally brewed Amboss and Turbinenbräu…and keep an eye out for some very special local micro-brews hitting the scene. Let’s not forget the cocktail menu, accompanied by sweetened syrups made from fresh fruits. Not 5 o’clock yet? Enjoy one of these special syrups with sparkling water for a spritzer.


The Events:

Sphères hosts one of the most popular stages in Switzerland for the launch and discussions of newly published books by Swiss authors. While events are very rarely conducted in English, they have been known to happen…check out the events calendar (Bühne-Veranstaltungskalender) for a unique local night out!


Why we Love it:

Many of the salads are created in collaboration with Renggergut who runs an integration program for people who have fallen out of the social network, and have been given a fresh start to rejoin society within their kitchen service. Trust us, the salads we enjoyed were so delicious they were difficult to recreate at home!


Zuri Girl Tips: Attention moms…Sphères is an excellent spot to wheel in your pram and borrow one of the many children’s books available in the Gleisraum to read to your little one.

Hardturmstrasse 66, 8005 Zürich (map)
Website . Tel: +41 44 440 66 22



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