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Romy DolleeRomy Dollé is, without a doubt, one of the strongest influencers encouraging the Paleo lifestyle for Zuri Girls & Guys. Although it’s a trendy word in Zurich, the lifestyle is fairly simple: eat only natural, unprocessed, seasonal and local food that is free of gluten, sugars, legumes and processed dairy products while following an intense fitness program.

Tired of feeling bloated and tired after considerably healthy meals, Romy Dollé created a food diary 20 years ago that persuaded her to change her diet: It did not take long before she started to feel better, think more clearly and drop the small belly fat that she wanted to lose, despite her previous best efforts. At last, Romy felt healthy inside and out, but as a modern Swiss woman, it was very unusual for anyone to eliminate bread and yogurt from her diet.

In 2009, Romy visited a bookshop while on holiday in America and she read her first book on ‘Paleo’. She felt so shocked, yet so complete…she didn’t know whether to cry tears of joy or sadness that she hadn’t found this book 10 years sooner… “My diet has a name!” she exclaimed.

Upon returning to Switzerland, she searched for a book on Paleo written in German, but there was none, so Romy decided to begin testing recipes and writing a book herself as a passion-project. She and her husband – personal trainer Dave Dollé – tested the Paleo diet on his clients and saw impressive transformations. They saw clear evidence that good training alone does not reach fitness goals…80% of one’s transformation must come from their diet. (One way to think about it…consider the # of times you eat versus the # of times you exercise per week!)

Romy inspired us to find out more about Paleo and others in Zurich supporting this lifestyle. Here’s what we found…

Swiss Paleo LogoPaleo for Everyday Life

Lisa discovered Paleo after suffering from auto-immune diseases, weight struggles and basically trying every diet she could without results. She discovered the simplicity and effectiveness of a Paleo lifestyle and never looked back. Her blog features local farms, health stores, markets and delicious, easy to follow recipes. Lisa writes simply to help others…never accepting an advertisement or payment.
Swiss Paleo Website


0815TapeoPaleo for Nights Out

0815 “Nullachtfünfzehn” is a popular bar across from HB, but has not always been known for food…until now. Owner Mike Gut decided to renovate the kitchen and added a new concept: TAPEO = Tapas + Paleo. Not surprising, his good friend Romy Dollé helped inspire the bite-size menu (after a friends & family holiday gathering in Spain where Romy enjoyed cooking meals for everyone!).
0815 Bar Website


feinWERK PaleoPaleo for Dining Out

One of the first restaurants in Zurich to offer a Paelo menu is feinWERK, where chef David Kruger and his team offer wild fish, free-range meats and eggs, seasonal vegetables, and unrefined vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and herbs. This 14 points Gault Millau restaurant certainly offers bread for their guests…but not for those guests seeking a Paleo gastronomic experience.
feinWERK Website


Fury Bar LogoPaleo for On-The-Go

When your schedule is busy and your body needs a healthy afternoon snack to refuel, pick up some Fury Bars by Kitchen Fury. Available in four delicious flavors: Natural, Chocolate, Tropical and the new Protein (with 10g of protein per bar!) Each bar includes Paleo friendly ingredients such as dates, cranberries, shredded coconut, cashews, almonds, chia seeds and so much more!
Kitchen Fury Website . Order Fury Bars


Freunde am Kochen LogoPaleo for Home

No time yet eager to change existing habits, thank goodness for a home delivery service where all you have to do is warm up the plate. Although the meals not 100% Paleo (they incorporate pulses, wholegrain rice and pseudo-grains) it’s perfect if you are health focused, but not following a strict Paleo diet. Freunde am Kochen Website


Paloe_DaveDollePaleo for Fitness

Acute inflammation is an interesting topic, as it can be caused by fitness training (healthy) and diet (unhealthy). Dave Dollé (Romy’s Husband) is a Personal Fitness Trainer who combines Paleo Meal Plans and Fitness Regimes to provide clients a complete Paleo Program.
Dave Dollé | Pure Food Website



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