30 Days with Dietitian, OVIVA

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OVIVA, My Personal Dietitian Phone App. 

Kate Middleton…Beyonce…they look so good because they have a 24/7 chef, fitness instructor & health coach right? Well, ladies, you too now have no excuse!

Zuri Girl tried out OVIVA. It’s a new photo App that acts as your personal dietitian “watching” every bite you take (as long as you snap a photo of it!) to set personalized goals and incorporate healthy habits into your routine.

We first met the Head Dietitian of OVIVA, Sandra, last year when hosting a Brunch Fit at labas results and we were immediately drawn to her vast expertise of nutrition, especially as it relates to womens’ health issues.

She approached Girlfriend Guide when launching the photo app, OVIVA, and we were excited to give it a try.


Day 1:

Sandra and Zuri Girl enjoyed a brief chat about personal health concerns and current life situations. Sandra crafted a plan based on this with 4 main goals:

1) Introduce fortified foods to meals

2) Incorporate Vitamin B foods into every meal

3) Increase antioxidant fruits

4) Create colorful plates with portions focused on 1) vegetables 2) protein 3) carbohydrates

Sandra Oviva


Day 2 – 30:

Zuri Girl snapped a photo of each meal, snacks and beverages, then text messaged it with a brief description to Sandra via the OVIVA iPhone/Android app.

Zuri Girl recorded daily fitness activity on the app. (This takes about 30 seconds and luckily we didn’t’ have to photograph doing the activity!)

Once every 3 days, Sandra responded with feedback on meals, practical suggestions and additional resources (e.g., helpful websites, food lists, etc)…and for the celebrity treatment, there is also an option for daily feedback.



Day 30:

Zuri Girl made small (aka easy) but effective changes. A couple of examples…

– Eating Kefir 2-3 times a week…Goal 1 check marked!

– Increasing sunflower seeds, spinach and fish intake…Goal 2 check marked!

– Adding an orange to the daily snack list …Goal 3 check marked!

– Thinking of a meal as “Asparagus, Tomato & Chicken with Pasta” vs. “Pasta with Chicken, Asparagus and Tomato”…Goal 4 checked marked!


oviva 6


What we Loved

Small Steps = Big Changes

Sandra didn’t change the meals, but suggested tweaks to make the meals match the goals. Much better than denying ourselves of sugar for a month only to eat an entire chocolate bunny at Easter in under a minute!

Easy to Incorporate Advice

Sandra’s feedback was very specific. For example, she sent a long list of Vitamin B foods AND suggested specifies on how that week’s meals could incorporate a Vitamin B food.

Sandra knows us well!

Being a bit of a smoothie fanatic, by week 3, she realized how often Zuri Girl was making smoothies so sent a website of healthy smoothies to try out.

We all Indulge now and then

The days we ate a bit too many cookies, ordered takeaway Thai or didn’t exercise, Sandra helped provide tips for the following day – going a bit easier on carbs and opting for fruit after dinner vs. chocolate. It wasn’t a life-long sentence of no pasta…just tips to help the body recuperate.

She’s always Watching

Whatever you eat, wherever you eat, you MUST send a photo. Tempted by stopping at Starbucks and knowing, we’d surely order a muffin with the coffee, we re-routed to another café that had a salad bar. Another time, when energy was really really low, a Coke was calling, but opted instead for an energy-boosting vegetable smoothie.

oviva 4


Zuri Girl Insider Tips

The average cost for a one-on-one specialist in Zurich is CHF 125 per hour. OVIVA has a premium option for CHF 150 a month. You do the math…

The Coaches speak and write in several languages including English, German, Spanish, Arabic, French and Italian.

Contact Information
Oviva: My Personal Dietitian | Website

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