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With springtime in full bloom and summer fast approaching, every Zuri Girl appreciates the art of staying active and fit, while enjoying each workout to the fullest.  Booster Pilates, a new fitness studio in the heart of Zurich, is making each sweat session fun, with a breakthrough Pilates method that uses the latest athletic technology and innovations: namely, the M3 Megaformer.  It’s one of the fiercest workouts to hit Hollywood, favored by celebrities including Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston, and now, it’s our made our list of favorites, too!

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Last Saturday, we were on site to get a sneak preview of the “Lagree Fitness Method”, and we had the pleasure of sitting down with the M3 Megaformer creator Sebastien Lagree for a personal interview, followed by a hardcore workout in the studio.  A fitness celebrity in his own right, Sebastien modified the original Pilates reformer machine, upgrading it to better suit each individual, providing optimal resistance for the most efficient workout imaginable.  “Instead of being reactive, you can be proactive with the technology,” he told us, as he described that the goal is to use the machines to maximize the body benefit in the shortest amount of time.

While traditional Pilates is already quite a workout, this method amps up the dynamic aspect of the sport.  Each machine is equipped with stretch resistance cables, two platforms, and a middle “mobile” sliding platform on tracks, to condition the body to use balance, strength, and focus to efficiently execute each movement, with individualized coaching and correcting to ensure proper form.  The key for us?  While challenging, this workout is also intensely fun.

Lunges, stretches, chest dips, abdominal plank-style slides, and several other moves got our heart pumping, as we seamlessly transitioned between exercises.  The machine itself adapts to each body, with adjustable hand-grips and various footholds that turn each movement into a dynamic game.  Plus, when the dance music is pumping in this second-floor sunlit studio, it’s easy to keep pace and feel the energy of the sport.  By the end of ten minutes, we were certainly sweating and making the most of the workout!  As Sebastien attests, it doesn’t take long to feel the effects, since the machine “matches the strength of the muscles, for peak muscle contraction.  It maximizes results with the least amount of effort.”

Sebastien was inspired to invent his training method and equipment when he wanted to combine “the process of body-building integrated with Pilates… to create the most effective approach to full-body conditioning.”  When Booster Pilates studio owners Damien and Sandrine experienced the Lagree training method for themselves while in London, they began to dream of opening a studio in Zurich that uses the same technology and machines.  After two years of planning, the dream is a reality: Booster Pilates celebrates its grand opening on June 2.

Whether it’s a personalized class or a small group session, classes on the M3 Megaformer at Booster Pilates will certainly provide a mega-workout!  Still, you don’t have to sweat it out alone: Damien, Sandrine, and their team of experienced trainers are on-hand to take the lead, and you’re promised a fun, challenging experience.  Sebastien’s apt athletic mantra? “There are no limits, except for the ones we create for ourselves.”

ZuriGirl tip: Reserve your session online, and also pre-order a pair of (recommended) grip socks from the studio, if you don’t already have a pair of your own!

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