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DSC02736We may only dream of owning several walk-in-closets to display a gorgeous wardrobe collection…but back to reality. In today’s modern world, it is important to invest in simple staple pieces, versatile and proven to be resistant to such things, such as trends and fashion seasons. With designers producing nearly ten collections per year, and the online shopping craze, there is something particularly appealing about individual artisanship and tailored fashion. Ladies, allow us to introduce you to The Apartment Store in Zurich.

The Apartment store is a place that you can easily pass by without noticing. It is not on Bahnhofstrasse and there are no big signs or fancy colors in the window, attracting the eye. On the other hand, if you have ever had a tendency for understated chic, minimalistic looks, straight pure lines and architectural, boxy shapes, then there is no way you don’t know the place.

The Apartment Store is anything but a trendy spot. It exudes quiet and confident elegance. It just is. Balancing between nostalgia and modernism, at moments even absolute modernism. The two stylists Marcel Hofmann und Hanspeter Limacher choose designers who tend to re-invent classics, working with fabrics of the highest caliber, often cutting often by hand with extreme precision with an eye for the finest detail. The clothes are well-structured with an architectural rigor, somewhere between masculine shapes and feminine tailoring. They are a landmark in portraying casual versus luxurious, graceful versus androgynous. Best described: they are everyday luxury.

Some favorites among the women’s fashion designers are Hache, Stephan Schneider and Sofie D’Hore, particularly because they chose not to run at the speed of the fashion treadmill. Zuri Girl, Tsitaliya Mircheva, spent some time with Marcel and Hanspeter and this is what they had to say:


Zuri Girl: How was the concept of The Apartment Store born?

MH & HL: We have been in the fashion industry for many years. We have always had this vision of creating something special, something that would make a difference. Our dream turned into reality as a concept that would cater to all the people looking for international brands that were not yet available in Zürich. But what matters even more to us, is to provide a decent, customer friendly atmosphere. This translates into establishing an environment of ease and privacy for the clients, delivering extraordinary advisory service in a setting of confidence. The bottom line is that we seriously believe in satisfying, long term relations with our fond customers.


Zuri Girl: Is it easy to work in a team in fashion?

MH & HL: We have known each other for so many years. Yes, it is easy to work together and yes, we still love what we are doing. Individual strengths and challenges are perfectly complimented by the capabilities of the other. It all adds up to this smooth superior performance.


Zuri Girl: How would you describe your style choices?

MH & HL: In fashion style always matters. But what would style be without quality? We strongly believe in high quality fabrics as well as refined sophisticated cuts. As much as we can get tempted by beautiful fabrics and fresh ideas, the foundation will always be a range of timeless elegance with a modern approach.


Zuri Girl: Every time I look at your selection of clothes I see mostly black and white, occasionally sky blue, navy or just beige.

MH & HL: When entering the store, one will first get the impression of very calm, rather classic designs and colors. Our selection is based on a concept that facilitates inter-seasonal mixing and matching of pieces. This offers our clients the possibility of a lasting enjoyment of their purchases. Quality means sustainability, in fashion as well as resources. Once you start delving into the product lines you will discover so much more than just “black & white”.


Zuri Girl: What has been the favorite piece of the Zurich woman recently?

MH & HL: No specific piece could be seriously identified. But there is a style and label that represents the current spirit the most. This is: Sofie d’Hoore.


Zuri Girl: What is the most frequently asked question by your customers?

MH & HL: Our customers are very up to date in fashion and generally well informed of what is going on in the world. Therefore questions usually target issues like quality, manufacturing and origin of the products. Women are now more and more interested in the designers concepts. People want to know more about the person behind the label. They will not settle for simple storytelling like the big companies use to boost their sales. Our clients are seriously interested in what motivates designers to create that specific style or piece. They care about fashion, but at the same time choose comfortable and practical outfits.


Zuri Girl: Your current favourite designer?



Zuri Girl: Your style tip for next autumn, winter?

MH & HL: As clean as possible. Less is more.


Zuri Girl: Do you have Swiss Designers and who do you like the most?

MH & HL: We have currently one Swiss label in our range: LAREIDA. They produce wonderful shirts and blouses of superior quality.


Zuri Girl: What do you think about the Zurich woman’s style?

MH & HL: Generally speaking, in Zürich women prefer easy and practical modern pieces.


Zuri Girl: What do women want?

MH & HL: When it comes to dressing and fashion, women want to be comfortable in their outfits. They want to look well dressed, not necessarily fabulous. This is not about disguise. Our customers know their inner strengths and look for something to reflect this beauty in an effortless manner in everyday life.

The rest is a big secret. How can men possibly know?


The Apartment Store
Löwenstrasse 1, 8001 Zurich (map)
Website . Tel: +41 43 243 15 51


Tsitaliya MirchevaArticle contributed by Zuri Girl, Tsitaliya Mircheva. Tsitaliya is a fashion jouranlist and style blogger fascinated by how much there is to discover about Swiss Fashion and thrilled to share what she learns with other women. Fashionista’s can follow her blog, Tsitaliya’ Style Diaries.