Autumn Skin Care

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With fall upon us, we welcome all the activities we love to do this time of year – pull out our cashmere sweaters, fall boots and accessories, visit the pumpkin patches, but unfortunately for some of us, the change in season brings an unwelcome change in our skin appearance. The crisp fall breeze soon transforms into cold, stormy nights, causing havoc to the skin with common complaints including dryness, blushed cheeks, washed-out looks and sleepy eyelids.  How’s that for a downer?

As an English-speaking woman living in Switzerland, there are many forums and tips available within the vast depths of the Internet, but many of us miss the comforting advice we generally receive from our girlfriends. Alas, Girlfreind Guide was recently launched to help inform and advise women about all the wonderful establishments and events available within the Zurich region of Switzerland and beyond.

Recently, Girlfriend Guide visited The Dolder Grand Spa to learn from the finest aestheticians in Zurich what recommendations they have to combat and conquer the harsh effects the change in season has on our skin. We quickly learned there is no generalizing when giving skin care advice, rather, each woman’s skin is unique, individual and in demand of personalized care. Fortunately for us, The Dolder Grand Spa has two wonderful products recommended for this time of year. With the helpful hints and tips below, we hope you can also reveal attractive, well-hydrated and glowing skin this season.

‘Classic traditions with a techno beat’
Clearly the Chanel of the spa world, The Dolder Grand Spa embodies casual elegance while offering a unique range of European and Japanese influenced activities for your well-being. Encompassing 4,000 square meters within The Dolder Resort, the spa is a destination within itself, offering an ultra-modern infrastructure housing glorious surprises around every corner…From the Aqua Zone featuring a 25-meter long Bisazza mosaics swimming pool, right down to the luxurious Kirstin Florian amenities available for use in the showers and vanity bar.

The aesthetic staff are highly educated in their field and the products are exquisite, but what attracts us most is their attention to individual and personalized care.  The Dolder Grand Spa whole-heartedly listens to each guest intently, asks questions about your skin care habits and goals, and then customizes a treatment and home-care ritual for lasting results. Akin to a personal trainer at the gym, facial therapists, professionally known as aestheticians, understand individual uniqueness and should recommend products and treatments based on each individual’s skin.  This practice lies at the core of The Dolder Grand Spa Team.  To ensure therapists may practice this daily, in-house intense training sessions are conducted regularly, educating staff members on new products and treatments.


Amala Product Launch
For the first time since opening in 2008, The Dolder Grand Spa invited a new brand to their stellar Spa Shop and treatment products – Amala. This new line is 100% natural, with varying degrees of organic. It is a German company already well-known in the US and England, but with little awareness within the company’s own continent and will be exclusively sold within Switzerland at The Dolder Grand Spa. The partnership fits seamlessly, as their characteristics include sophistication and an unrivalled dedication to exceptionalism.

The product line will include five ranges to choose from: Detox, Hydrate, Purify, Rejuvenate and Firming, where the appropriate products will be customized to suit the needs of each individual’s skin type. Coinciding with the cold winter months ahead, The Dolder Grand Spa is introducing an Amala ‘Pure Facial’ that will include a seasonal and regional delight once every three months, changing with each season.

Beginning in November 2011, Thyme is the ingredient of choice. While we traditionally think of Thyme for flavoring our favorite foods, the professionals at The Dolder Grand Spa have dished up an opportunity to tantalize your senses with this effective herb, engaging all the body’s senses to ensure a deep, full body penetration:

  • Smell: Your facial begins with a light steam infused with Thyme aromatherapy to open your pores and prepare the skin for a thorough cleansing
  • Taste: The chefs at The Dolder Resort have created a delicious house-made chocolate laced with Thyme to delight your palate
  • Touch: Your feet are immersed into a thyme soaked bath, then the expert hands of your aesthetician applies products that incorporate the benefits of Thyme to the skin for visible results

Thyme, the tiny flavorful herb, is the focal point of this newly launched fall treatment, as it is excellent for surviving the cold months.  Filled with calming minerals, it is powerful in relaxing the respiratory system and flu-like symptoms, as well as regular stomach cramps. The oil that comes from Thyme has well-documented health benefits, found to protect the healthy fats found in cell membranes. Topically, Thyme has the ability to act as an excellent astringent, moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation.


Detox Kit
The newly released Detox Kit, may be integrated to your daily routine and for additional benefit, The Dolder Grand Spa recommends applying the product’s mask while unwinding in one of their steam rooms located within the Aqua Zone or Private Ladies’ (or Gentleman’s) Spa. The interaction with different water temperatures and aromatherapy will further enhance the effectiveness of the Detox Kit’s contents. The product package is CHF 39 with the option to add on a spa experience and includes the following Kerstin Florian lavish products:

  • Thermal Mineral Exfoliating Body Scrub: Remove dull surface cells, refining skin texture
  • Thermal Mineral Moor Mud Masque: Purifies, softens and refines the skin
  • Rehydrating Algae Gel Masque: Essential Oils combined with Vitamins A & E leaves skin calm, hydrated and smooth
  • Aromatherapy Capilar Essense: Vitamin E and Chamomile protect against dryness and premature aging
  • Aromatherapy Thermal Hair Cure: Cleanse and soften the hair from scalp to ends. Use the enclosed shower cap for maximum benefit.
  • Krauter Chamomile Body Spray: Light dry oil spray to condition and soothe the skin

Insider Tips & Hints
While we’d love a professional spa treatment weekly, often there is not enough time or Francs to spend more than a few days a year at the Spa.  At the minimum, it is ideal if you are able to book yourself a spa service once every couple of months to rejuvenate and return to your busy lifestyle with clear thoughts and efficiency. However, numerous lifestyle activities can be easily incorporated into your daily routine to help stay fresh in-between skin therapy appointments.  A few critical components for fighting cold weather skin include:

  • Cleanse: Use a gentle cleanser to remove makeup and microscopic environmental debris from the skin. Water temperature should be lukewarm (any hotter will strip the skin of it’s natural oils, then your pores will go into shock and overproduce oil to compensate)
  • Exfoliate: Exfoliation is essential.  The skin regenerates approximately every 20 days and without exfoliating the dead skin away, it becomes dull in appearance, blemishes form and you are not looking your best. Depending on your skin type, it is recommended to exfoliate anywhere between 1x per week to once a month with an enzyme or granulated peel.
  • Moisturize Externally: Moisturize daily with a lipid-based moisturizer containing natural oils and vitamins A, D, E or K. This seals moisture into the skin so it does not evaporate and leave your skin dry and chapped.
  • Hydrate Internally: Keeping your body hydrated is equally important in winter, as in summer. The skin thrives on water and no-sugary drinks are critical to help avoid dark under eye circles.
  • Nutrition: The old saying “you are what you eat” is 100% true.  Consumed minerals and nutrients help rejuvenate your skin. Keep cozy comfort foods to a minimum and ensure fruits and vegetables are regularly incorporated into your diet daily. We love keeping chopped veggies ready for easy access in the refrigerator!

Zuri Girl’s Recommendation
If you have not visited the Dolder Spa before, it is a must. Pick a special occasion to treat yourself and book the Spa Lunch Break from Monday to Friday from 11.00-14.00. This three-hour package includes a 60-minute massage or facial of your choice and use of the facilities. At CHF 190 per person, you may want to save this experience for a special day, but can you really put a price tag on superior quality relaxation and rejuvenation? You will be overly amazed at the facilities and relax in ways you never thought possible.