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50 Shades of (Christmas) Day – Comedy Show Review

Day Xmas Flyer  Image+Title-1-1 copyThe Jingle Bell did Rock!

The holiday season instantly brings to ones mind Christmas trees, decorated streets, laughter and cheer. But does it ever remind one of all the things that happen behind these scenes or the stress attached to the festive month? You know..the anxiety of reuniting with family, the mandatory office celebrations, the hum drums of project planning all the ‘fun’ to be had, the irate kids and so on.

Well, Sylvia Day’s 50 Shades of (Christmas) Day is a comical celebration of these very apprehensions, faux pas and deviations. The silly details of the season we often sweep under the rug.

Spread over an introduction, 13 independent acts and a finale, the show is a vibrant fusion of family drama, music, celebrity mimics, and risqué humour, all set in the theme of Christmas. Sylvia Day is an absolute diva, effortlessly slipping in and out of her many roles through the show, and gripping the audience with her musical talent. Her celebrity mimics are spot on! And especially entertaining are the Swiss topical acts which had the audience on a roll. The 5 supporting characters (referred to as her ‘shady peeps’ in the show’s program sheet) are equally entertaining, with their versatile portrayal of several characters.

The acts also have American, British and Brazilian themes attached to them, which automatically upped the international appeal of the performance (and perhaps even had the crowd missing their home countries). Opening to a packed house, the timing of this show couldn’t have been more right, often having the audience really connecting with the scenes that were being played out on stage and even whispering to each other how that had just happened to them.

All in all, 50 Shades of (Christmas) Day is a wonderful way to herald the festive season and prepare for all the slip ups we can expect in our own celebrations.



Event Details

Name: 50 Shades of (Christmas) Day!

Date and Time: 4, 5 and 7 Dec, starting 8 pm

Location: Boulevard Theatre, Albisriederstrasse 16, Zurich 8003

Cost: CHF 38 / 28 (Discounted for Seniors, Specially-abled, Students and Groups of 10 or more)


Zuri Girl Tip: Be sure to catch your dinner prior to the start, because the show spans about 150 minutes (including a 20 minute break between) and you don’t want the munchies between.


photo ManjulaArticle created by Manjula Venugopal. Manjula is a marcom consultant originally from Bangalore, India, who has been living in Zurich for the last 3 months.

When she isn’t traveling or looking up DIY projects online, she documents her expat experiences in her blog.




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