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Fitness Guide: 3rd Trimester

Third Trimester…..the last leg of your pregnancy. You've made it through the 1st Trimester & 2nd Trimester and you've reached the big, exhausting, karate chopping leg of this journey. Perhaps now is the time modifications to your exercise program take on a whole new meaning, you are heavier, center of gravity is off and core…

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Fitness Guide: 2nd Trimester

You’ve made it to second trimester! Hopefully you enjoyed the 1st Trimester Pregnancy Guide and before we head to the 3rd Trimester and Post Baby Guide , now is the time when you will probably feel best - yeah! Hormones have leveled out, your energy may return and now you can spread the word !…

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9Months…of Shopping

Pregnancy. Exhausting, unattractive, a fashion faux paux? Absolutely not! With the right garments and help from styling professionals, your pregnancy wardrobe will be nothing but stunning, exciting and simply, YOU…with an added special glow and ever-growing bump. How, you might ask? That’s where the fabulous specialty boutique 9Months comes in. A Zuri Girl’s pregnancy Girlfriend. …

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