moms in zurich

A-Z Guide to Spring in Zurich

A ctivate your Badi Membership B icycle, cruise and relax along Lake Zurich with these tips C reate an Invitation for your Summer Apero At The Creative Café D evour an ice cream at Hasta  or  Gelateria di Berna E at Lakeside at  Quai 61 , Pump Station , Frischer’s Fritz or Fischstube F ind…

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Family Fitness – Winter Guide

Being a parent and being fit do not have to be mutually exclusive. While getting to the gym as a busy mum or dad seems may seem like an impossible feat, Zurich offers a wide array of facilities and activities designed to keep the entire family moving all year-round.

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30 Days with Dietitian, OVIVA

OVIVA, My Personal Dietitian Phone App.  Kate Middleton…Beyonce…they look so good because they have a 24/7 chef, fitness instructor & health coach right? Well, ladies, you too now have no excuse! Zuri Girl tried out OVIVA.

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