hiking with kids

Family Fitness – Winter Guide

Being a parent and being fit do not have to be mutually exclusive. While getting to the gym as a busy mum or dad seems may seem like an impossible feat, Zurich offers a wide array of facilities and activities designed to keep the entire family moving all year-round.

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Hiking with Kids – Grimmimutz Trail

Stumped for ideas on where to go & what to do with little mini me’s running around, we turned to our expert friends at Switzerland Tourism who know (and love) every green hill, mountain top and lake this gorgeous land has to offer to scope out the current Families on Tour itinerary connected to the…

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Kids, Music & Hiking

With its excellent mountain transport and well-marked trails, Switzerland makes hiking accessible to all ages and skill-levels. For those with children or simply young at heart, theme trails make it even more fun to explore the alps. The Toggenburg Tone Trail, aka “ Klangweg ,” is the gold standard of theme trails, with more than…

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