gardening in zurich

A-Z Guide to Spring in Zurich

A ctivate your Badi Membership B icycle, cruise and relax along Lake Zurich with these tips C reate an Invitation for your Summer Apero At The Creative Café D evour an ice cream at Hasta  or  Gelateria di Berna E at Lakeside at  Quai 61 , Pump Station , Frischer’s Fritz or Fischstube F ind…

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Grow Your Own Garden

Eager to garden? Zuri Girl scouted the streets for a few places offering gardening courses & workshops for beginners & veteran Green Thumbs.

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Green Thumbs Up for VEG and the City

  An "urban garden", the hottest trend to hit horticulture, is not an oxymoron.  Nor is it impossible, for those of us who thought we lacked that "green thumb gene".  At least once a month, newly opened "VEG and the City" garden store in downtown Zurich hosts a hands-on three hour evening gardening class.

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