Sardinia Yoga Retreat

When: 28 July - 04 Aug
Where: Balaina Eco Retreat Center, Sardinia Italy
Cost: See below for options

This yoga retreat combines the timeless wisdom of yoga and meditation with systemic constellations, supporting a deep dive within your Self. There is also plenty of time allocated every day for you to just relax and discover the island!

Ezgi Fisher will be teaching the Yoga and Meditation Sessions for 7 days. Hamsa Serena Olgiati, Ariane Fischer and Ezgi Fisher will be facilitating Systemic Constellations on 3 afternoons.

The powerful combination of yoga and systemic constellations is a flow between the conscious and subconscious, between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This union is a great opportunity to become aware of the obstacles on our path to joy and freedom. A chance to integrate and transform hampering issues into creative energy.

Based on systemic theories, the constellations will look at topics such as: relationship to the body; trust; inner power; autonomy; self love etc. with the purpose to investigate our subconscious and bring to light forgotten events which hamper our life force, undermine the belief in ourselves and in the success of our projects.

Through this combined work, the entanglements are revealed and resolved to unleash trust in life, inner freedom and lots of energy to express our talents with joy.

No prior experience or knowledge of yoga or systemic theories are required to take part in this retreat. And you also don’t need to come with a specific issue to investigate. The yoga practice will support you in identifying your goals and possible hampering obstacles. On those (if any appear) we will work practically. And if you don’t have any specific challenges, you can still use the systemic work to check on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and gain new insights into their health.

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