Explore White Magic

When: 11 July - 19 July
Tuesdays, 11.7 & 18.7.2017
20.00 - 21.30
Where: Yoga Seefeld, Feilengasse 5, 8008 Zurich
Cost: CHF 50 per class

Do your Spells Fizzle? Do your Powers seem to Drizzle? Learn How to make your Magic Sizzle!

Laura Leigh – Intuitive and Mystic Clairvoyant – is coming to Zurich and is hostessing two unique workshops and private readings. She has worked as an Intuitive, a Mystic Clairvoyant and Psychic Psychiatrist across Europe, The Mid East, & the North and South American Continents. As the Founder of the Malibu Academy of Magical Arts, she has been a practitioner/student of Magic, The Occult, Alchemical/Hermitical, and Shamanic Wisdom for over 30 years. She focuses only on White or Light magic (no manipulative or dark magic is taught) to help manifest a vital, purposeful, abundant, healthy life and break free of the limits of a mundane non-magical life. 

Lecture: Tuesday 11.6.2017

Explore the ancient practice of Ritual /Ceremonial Magic in this hands-on exploration of Eclectic Magic. The class incorporates: Wicca, Hermeticism, First Nations Shamanic, Neo-Pagan, Solomonic and Angelic Magic elements.

Here, you will participate in an actual Magic Ritual and learn how to to Cast a Protected Magic Circle, Invoke Archangels, Work with the Five Natural Elements (Earth. Air, Fire, Water, Spirit), Learn the Basics of Sigil Magic, Work with Spirit Guides & Candle Magic…and so much more.


Lecture: Tuesday 18.6.2017

Riding the Quantum wave of the universe: How to be the Alpha-Dog Alchemist of your own life. How to apply the 7 Hermetic Principals, the secret to Co-Creating a life of purpose, self actualization and create a magical life using daily divination, Psychic Psychology and self-knowledge to transform your life.

Learn to apply Tarot as a tool to interpret the waves and cycles coming into your life so you can transform your life, transmute the lead of problems into the gold of authentic action from the true self.

This lecture takes the major principles of Alchemy/Hermeticism, breaks it down and combines it with modern understanding of Consciousness, Psychology, Shadow work and the Law of attraction to a much deeper level to give you tools to Co-Create the life you really want.


Private Readings

Dates: July 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Time: 17:00 – 21:30
Location: Golden Acupuncture, Klosbchstrasse 106, 8032
Cost: CHF 120.- per reading
Reservations: Please email Eden swissmissea@gmail.com

Laura Leigh is available in Person at The Malibu Shaman, and In Westlake Village, Worldwide via Skype, WhatsApp and Phone.

Laura Leigh is also available for speaking engagements and weddings, she also uses Skype: lauraleighintuitive@gmail.com 001 323-209-9414 (California)

Laura Leigh has been initiated into several Magical Orders, and has taught principles of magic for personal manifestation and growth for 2 decades & as a solitary practitioner of magic for over 30 years specializes in helping others master the ancient art of magic.

She is the Founder of the Malibu Academy of Magical Arts and a professional Intuitive and personal Magical Life coach. Come discover why emerging science proves magic works and how to utilize its ancient concepts and prince in your own life.


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