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Botox for Dry Underarms

  Ladies, we are beautiful, confident and courageous…but we are also human and the uncontrollable sweaty armpits can plague us from time to time. With the warm summer months upon us, we have found the answer to help keep underarms dry while we are wearing our favorite sleeveless silk dress at the next dinner party……

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Grow an Herb Garden

Think ‘Out-of-the-Bag’…Enjoy fresh basil, chives, thyme or cilantro without another trip to the grocery store. Pick up Garden in a Bag available at Changemaker in the Niederdorf area. To give ‘em a grow’, simply mix the seed packet with the soil, water and in 5-8 weeks your fresh herb leaves are ready for mincing and…

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Slough Away Winter Skin

Frühling is in the air! Despite the mild winter, the signs of spring are all around us. Meanwhile, your skin is still dry, dull and in need of a thorough full-body exfoliation. Consider these skin-saving remedies for approximately 40 CHF.  The newest addition to the Zurich wellness scene is the Hamam at Asia Spa. For…

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