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Fitness on the Go

Ski Holidays, Summer Holidays, Fall Break...The Swiss Schools seems to always have an excuse for an adventure, but how oh how gals can we keep our figure with all these holidays??

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Yoga Rosa

We were in Ibiza for 6 days before we saw the sea. It’s true. Who does that? People lucky enough to visit Yoga Rosa, that’s who. We didn’t even care. Who needs beaches when you have two inviting and tranquil pools, a delicious personal chef, gorgeous plush suites, daily open air yoga and meditation with…

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Memory of Siam

We recently discovered a lovely spa in Seefeld and experienced a Thai massage so good, we simply had to share. Memory of Siam is a boutique residential spa offering traditional Thai massage and facial services using Bodhi spa products. The extensive menu of services is fairly priced with massages starting at just CHF 100...and scroll down to see…

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