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Korean Cooking Class

Hands-on, informative, fun and downright delicious is how we'd describe Chef Sherly's Korean Cooking Class last weekend. Determined to spruce up our same ole meal-time routine, we gathered around the cooking table dressed in Chef Sherly's Aprons for the inside scoop on Korean Cooking & Culture. Top 5 Reasons we Love Chef Sherly's Korean Cooking Class... 1.…

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What’s That Called?

We’ve all been there - standing and staring at all the products in the grocery aisle wondering which one to buy. Which one is the best? Does this also clean that? Or, now that you are living in another country, is this similar to the product I would use in my home country? Zuri Girl…

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Chocolate Shops in Zurich

Chocolate: the reason why we all moved to Switzerland, right? Well, even if it wasn’t the sole purpose, delicious Swiss chocolate is certainly a wonderful perk of living here. We knew we landed in chocolate heaven when Swiss Air handed us a mini chocolate bar on our flight

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