Advent Calendar: Day 9

Enter to WIN: CHF 450 voucher for Citizen’s Mark

Top 5 Reasons we Love Citizen’s Mark…

1. Blazers for Professional Women. The suit jacket women we’ve all dreamed about. For everyday business women who crave clean lines, sharp angles, breathable lining and thankfully pockets deep enough to actually put your business cards.

2. The Name. The founder wants to design for women who are “making their mark” across industries and reflect the reality that we are a generation of professionals, makers, and do-ers that see ourselves as citizens before consumers.

3. The ZRH Slim Fit. Their best-seller and signature cut, you’ll feel confident, credible and comfortable with it’s tailored fit not commonly found on the boutique racks here.

4. A Swiss Miss on a Mission. The woman behind Citizen’s mark created the idea in Geneva when she was part of the young UN professionals in Switzerland and continues to produce apparel here using high quality fabrics and materials from Italy, Austria and Portugal.

5. Better than Silk. With 40% off pre-orders, they’re about to launch a new luxurious, machine-washable fabric to battle head to head with the precious silk blouse. Please oh please pick us as a judge!

Prize Includes

CHF 450 Gift Voucher to Citizen’s Mark

Citizen’s Mark

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