Advent Calendar: Day 24

Enter to WIN: “Upgrade your Life” Health Coaching with Heidi Hauer

Top 5 Reasons we Love Heidi’s Health Coaching…

1. Girlfriend Guide Reader Discount. 20% off the 6-month health coaching program exclusively for YOU. Book by January 31st to redeem and email Heidi at for details.

2. Be It. Don’t Dream It. Forget imagining your perfect self. Let Heidi help you become it -a more beautiful, healthier and happier YOU. She’ll compassionately lead with care to help you reach your ideal weight, incorporate self-nurturing practices and achieve flawless, radiant skin.

3. Dieting is soooo yesterday. We all know that starving diets, overnight promises and drastic makeovers equal zero results. It’s about lifestyle changes ladies! But you need a caring, patient and persistent leader to help you. Heidi will work with you to make small but significant healthy steps towards your ideal weight and shape.

4. A Healthy Mind. Weight problems and lifestyle burnouts are much more complex than just food. Heidi will not only coach you on nutrition but also address those areas of your life that influence your health such as physical activity, relationships, spirituality and career.

5. It’s Not One Size Fits All. Heidi works with an intuitive coaching approach and the concept of bio-individuality which recognizes that people have unique needs and their own ways of eating and living that works best for them. Your perfect diet could make someone else gain weight or feel lethargic, while someone else’s morning run could leave your body feeling weak and depleted. Some factors to consider are lifestyle, occupation, geographic area, body type, age, and culture. This health coaching program is designed to help you find your very unique approach to food and living in a healthy way.

Prize Includes

“Upgrade your Life” Health Coaching

12 one-to-one coaching sessions (90 min.) over the duration of 6 months.

You will meet in person at GLOW – a premium medical beauty centre close to Bellevue with a magnificent view of the lake.

In addition to your 1:1 sessions you will receive motivational messages during the time of your coaching program to keep you on track.

Heidi Hauer

Nutrition Advisor & Holistic Health Coach | Website

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