Advent Calendar: Day 20

Enter to WIN: GLOW Red Carpet Facial

A beauty treatment that brings a wonderful glow to your skin. Be ready to shine at a special event of yours!

Top 5 Reasons we Love GLOW…

1. Soft & Effective Treatments.  GLOW offers the future of skin care – a natural approach with a high impact. The beauty clinic works with the French skin care line Biologique Recherche that works with high concentrations of botanical, marine and biological extracts. Its active ingredients work progressively to improve the quality of the skin and leave the complexion radiant.

Another secret of GLOW is LED Light Therapy – a non-invasive and natural treatment that will work its magic on your skin.

2.  EMS – Training with Personal Trainer. Electro muscle stimulation makes this unique training very effective. Only 20 minutes of intense workout per week shape your figure, improve your posture and make you stronger. Work hard while enjoying a spectacular view of the lake.

3. Bespoke Health Coaching and Nutrition Advice. To get a truly magical glow, you want to shine from within. Beautiful skin and a sexy body are not only the result of the right beauty treaments and enough exercise but also of what you eat. This is not another diet.

This is about finding out what is good for you and how to integrate nutritious food into your everyday life.

4. Medical Esthetic Treatments. In cooperation with Glow, Bellungo offers treatment of wrinkles and age-related facial volume loss. Using premium Hyaluron and premium Botulinum where needed, as well as latest soft-lifting-techniques, the result is a fresh and relaxed look.

5.  Full-body Reflexology.  Originally from Finland this treatment is recommended by therapists against pain and energy blocks.

Zuri Girl Tip: This treatment is covered by private health insurance! 


Prize Includes

GLOW Red Carpet Facial


+41 44 422 4949 | GLOW Website

Zuri Girl Tip: Readers get 10% off at GLOW! 

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