Advent Calendar: Day 13

Enter to WIN: Wardrobe Styling Session with Signature Five

Top 5 Reasons we Love Signature Five…

1. The Concept. Signature Five believes that everyone deserves to feel confident in what they wear. They want to make sure all of their customers look good, feel great, and make a lasting impression! They also believe that every woman should feel empowered and confident through her style.

2. The Founder. Signature Five’s founder, Monika, has a history as a buyer with Burberry and 10+ years of retail work. Now as a new mom, she’s using her industry experience and eye for product & styling to help curate your wardrobe.

3. Give your clothing a new life. That’s all we need to say really! Monika at Signature Five will find that old blouse in the back of your closet and bring it to life once again with her Signature Five concept.

4. The Simplicity. How many times have you rummaged through your wardrobe trying to find something to wear? Or have you ever said ‘I have nothing to wear’ but you have a closet full of clothes? Spend only 90 minutes with Monika and spruce up your wardrobe! So simple, yet so needed. Your wardrobe will be turned around and tailored to your own lifestyle, body, and personality in only a short amount of time!

5. One top, 3 different ways. You didn’t know that your red top in your closet actually goes really well with three different pairs of your pants, now did you? Monika is ready to show you. With her Signature Five concept she’ll take your one outfit and turn it into three different possibilities! Get dressed confidently every day and never run out of outfit options after a session with Monika!

Prize Includes

A 90-minute outfit building session with your own wardrobe and hosted by Signature Five

Signature Five Website

How to Win an Advent Calendar Prize?

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