Advent Calendar: Day 12

Enter to WIN: Beehome from Wildbiene + Partner

Top 5 Reason we Love Wildbiene + Partner…

1. Sustainability Defined. You can easily home and actively proliferate Mason Bees. Do your part gals to contribute to a safe and sustainable pollination in Switzerland. The bees will be used by Swiss Farmers in Springtime thanks to your home.

2. Totally Cool. How fun is it to have a bee home?! Kids will be eager to show their friends and dinner conversation lull can be saved by pointing out your cool balcony “pets”.

3. Safe as can “Bee”. Mason Bees are absolutly harmless. They aren’t interested in your food, wine or stinging your arm.

4. The Circle of Life.  From March to June, the bees pollinate local plants and create nests. In Fall, the bee homes are returned with their bee babies to Wildbiene + Partner where they are taken care of and a new box home is sent back to you. The baby bees you return are provided to local farmers for fruit & veggie pollination.

5. City Slickers Included. The Beehome easily mounts on a city balcony – urban gardening really does exist!

Prize Includes

Beehome Observer from Wildbiene + Partner with about 25 mason bee cocoons 

Wildbiene + Partner Website

How to Win an Advent Calendar Prize?

Daily from 1 – 25 December, Girlfriend Guide is giving away 25 gifts in 25 days to 25 winners.

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