Boxing in Zurich

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Boxing is fun, fitness-focused & awesome for women. We’re excited to share tips for getting started and some of our favorite Zurich pros to train with. 

Although boxing has traditionally been considered a male sport, women are fighting to become goddesses of the ring. Women everywhere are discovering this challenging, yet truly therapeutic, noble art that allows them to unleash their inner warrior.

Boxing’s feminine finesse
Although boxing was first known in Ancient Greece and Rome, modern day boxing developed in the 17th century. One of the first known modern-day female pugilists was Elizabeth Wilkinson, a 17th century British boxer and student of James Figg (a father of modern boxing). While little is known about Elizabeth’s life outside the ring, as a boxer she became the European Championess of the time, fighting fiercely and bare-knuckled.

Despite Wilkinson’s pioneering, women still fight to be recognized inside the ring today. Women’s boxing was only recognized as an Olympic sport in 2012 and some of today’s female boxers are still denied the chance to compete. Namibia Flores Rodriguez, for example, is one of Cuba’s few female boxers, but is prohibited from representing her country in any international games because of Cuba’s laws barring female fighters. The struggle continues.

One of the biggest misconceptions about boxing is that it is an aggressive, manly combative sport. However, those who dare discover it, find it can be very feminine – requiring skill and finesse. The great Muhammad Ali is quoted for saying that in the ring he wanted to, “float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee”. Who better to do that than women?

Why Box?
Boxing & Fitness Boxing Classes are often high-intensity, full body workouts. Classes focus on both the technical art of punching and defending, but also on increasing overall speed and agility. Additionally, because the sport requires proprioception, body awareness and an overall intense focus, it can be very meditative. (It might be easy to daydream when in downward dog, but when someone else’s fist is about to hit your glove, you become very present!)

Boxing in Zürich
Zürich offers a plethora of choices for boxing & fitness boxing classes. We absolutely LOVE boxing coach Antonio Larosa (owner of Larosa Workouts). Antonio is technical, his instructions are clear, and he is very welcoming to boxers of all skills levels. And while Antonio always has a calm, Zen-like demeanor and smile, in his classes, he’ll work you! His lessons are addictive; you’ll leave sore but craving for more.

Antonio teaches boxing in Zürich at Balboa on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and at Next Level Sports Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition to boxing, Antonio is also an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Thai Boxing Trainer and Mobility Coach and manages /teaches at CrossFit Bülach. Contact Antonio about booking private boxing or other fitness courses.

For ladies on the Silver Coast, California native Tina hosts traditional boxing training & thai box training classes in Thailwil.

What to expect in a Boxing Fit class
You and your sparring partner will practice hitting each other’s open gloves, work through various punching and defense techniques, and complete various Tabata (high intensity, 20 second interval/ 10 second rest) exercises. Don’t worry – there won’t be any head on/ body punches. It’s all very safe and controlled. You can also expect to sweat (really sweat), practice deep concentration and have lots of fun.

What to Bring
Most gyms offer gloves, so if you just want to give boxing a try, you won’t need to buy your own. If you plan on going more frequently, it makes sense to at least invest in hand wraps to better protect your wrist and knuckles. As always, make sure to bring an open mind, good attitude and lots humor. Boxing is a humbling sport, so it helps when you can laugh at yourself.

Article by Zuri Girl Emilia Siravo…Emilia is a freelance English language teacher and researcher living in Zürich, Switzerland. Born in Philadelphia to a passionate Italian father and fiery Argentine mother, Emilia felt propelled to neutralize things by marrying someone Swiss. In addition to her work, Emilia loves going on long hikes with her husband and very active 4-year-old son, doing BootCamp, practicing yoga, running and boxing. Follow Emilia online on Twitter: @esiravo or read her blog @:

Images by Emilia Siravo and compliments of Unsplash photographers Arisa Chattasa and Matheus Ferrero.