Australian Open @ Zoo Zurich

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Koalas, Kangaroos and more marsupials are now in Zurich, oh my!

Zoo Zurich celebrated a very special day today…the opening of the new Australia sanctuary. The most prominent residents of the new facility are the two Koalas: Mikey and Milo. These two young male koala friends come from the Australian Reptile Park near Sydney.

Visitors can now get to know koalas, kangaroos and other Australian animals at the Zoo with it’s new Australia facility inaugurated today – Wednesday, 28 March 2018 – and prior to the arrival of the new animals, the responsible curator, the zookeepers and the zoo veterinarian from Zoo Zurich traveled to Australia for training and further education to ensure the long term safety of these adorable creatures. We also love knowing that the eucalyptus is grown in the Zurich region for the Koalas and their marsupial friends!

Other residents of the new facility are the giant monitor, the Pilbara rock monitor and the fir-cone lizard. The Bennett-Wallabies and Emus live in the outdoor area, which is accessible to visitors, and Lachende Hans in their own aviary.

Closely linked to the Australia project is the latest of eight nature conservation projects at Zurich Zoo. As part of the Australian Ark project, the zoo in Australia is committed to preserving the Tasmanian fawn devil and other endangered marsupials. The aim of the Australia plant is also to encourage the visitors through a personal connection to the animals to contribute to the conservation of endangered species and habitats.

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Photos courtesy of Zoo Zurich phootgraphers, Jean-Luc Grossmann & Enzo Franchini