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More often than not, expat children fall behind in one or multiple languages while growing up in a foreign country.
AtoZ English makes phonics, reading and writing fun for English-speaking children!

One of the biggest challenges when raising English-speaking children in a foreign country, is when and how to introduce written English to them.  Expat parents often feel that the children will learn their mother tongue naturally at home, but additional schooling that allows for structured learning that is FUN is a very good idea.

We recently met the team behind AtoZ English at a conference and we were so impressed with their dedication to helping children from 3-4 years of age through primary school learn proper phonics and writing skills of their mother tongue (English!) that we simply had to share!

Here’s why we love AtoZ English:

  • Small classes are tailored to the needs of each group and the individual children
  • Children learn English through fantasy, music, stories, games and lively activities
  • The team of teachers are skilled, professional and native English-speakers
  • Group lessons are once per week and you are given the tools to continue at home

Over the past 10 years, AtoZ English has expanded from a small class outside Zurich to over 50 classes across four Cantons: Aargau, Schwyz, Zug & Zurich.

AtoZ English

*Note, this article is not an advertisement…we just love this team!