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ASK THE MONSTERS is a lifestyle blog here in Switzerland!  We caught up with their creators to see how things are done.

There are many Swiss Bloggers that are so incredibly unique, fun and informative. We aim to dig deeper, beyond their posts and into the minds and hearts of what inspires them to dedicate their lives to their blog. Allow us to introduce you to ASK THE MONSTERS, a lifestyle blog for people all over Switzerland!

GG: Tell us about your blogs name?
ASK THE MONSTERS: We noticed that when we say we are two monsters, people really react, or look puzzled or laugh. We also try to look at the world with a smile and not to take ourselves too seriously.

GG: Tell us about your blogs logo.
ASK THE MONSTERS: Easy, not complicated.

GG: How would you describe your blog?
ASK THE MONSTERS: Focused on Switzerland, made with passion, and full of optimism too. It’s a lifestyle blog because we talk about all different subjects, including the many events and things going on in Switzerland.  We also talk about some of our travels, fitness, fashion, and beauty. 

GG: Who is your blog targeted to?  Women, men, travelers, etc. What age?
ASK THE MONSTERS: Men and women who are between the ages of 25-35. Travel is definitely a recurring theme and many of our readers enjoy those kinds of posts.

GG: When did you begin your blog and what was your inspiration?
ASK THE MONSTERS: Beatrice wrote for xenia tschoumi 3 years ago and met Geri who was, among other things, in charge of her social media. So it was an online meeting, already about blogging.

GG: What is your favorite part of your blog?
ASK THE MONSTERS: I love answering to people and when they come back and show me they did what I suggested, or were inspired by my answers. And for Geri? Really anything eco-friendly.

GG: Based on your blog, can you give some advice to our readers?
ASK THE MONSTERS: If you want to blog, remember it’s like any other job: it needs a lot of work and nothing comes easy. Oh, And stay humble!

General life advice: Happiness is in relationships. Don’t be arrogant or an a**hole. Love your family, partner and friends, and try to be open.

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