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Mademoiselle No More is a wedding blog here in Zurich!  We caught up with their creators to see the inspiration behind it!

There are many Swiss Bloggers that are so incredibly unique, fun and informative. We aim to dig deeper, beyond their posts and into the minds and hearts of what inspires them to dedicate their lives to their blog. Allow us to introduce you to Mademoiselle No More!

GG: Tell us about your blogs name?
Mademoiselle No More: We actually have two separate blogs – Mademoiselle No More and Mama rocks. Mademoiselle No More is a wedding Blog and I really wanted it to have a French touch (our families name is French and we got married in France), being international at the same time. It was quite a spontaneous decision, really. As for the family blog, Mama rocks: I was going for a cool name, hoping we are not to strict as parents and always trying to see the fun side of parenthood.

GG: Tell us about your blogs logo.
Mademoiselle No More: Chic, quite simple, elegant and a little bit girly. Just the way I am.

GG: How would you describe your blog?
Mademoiselle No More: Mademoiselle No More is a wedding blog aiming to inspire brides in the German speaking world. I am also trying to be kind of a “good fairy” by giving our readers advice in difficult situations and when it comes to do’s and dont’s at weddings (for example: should divorced parents sit both at the brides table, how much many should I spend on a wedding gift, etc…).

Mama rocks is a family blog. I’m trying to be real and not only show the bright sides of parenthood. I’m not too much into Lifestyle. There’s also quite a lot of honest product testing and family travelling happening.

GG: Who is your blog targeted to? Women, men, travelers, etc. What age?
Mademoiselle No More: Women between 20 and 40.
Mama rocks: Families, but mostly young moms like me.

GG: When did you begin your blog and what was your inspiration?
Mademoiselle No More: I started Mademoiselle No More in October 2013 just two months after we got married. I found myself having a lot of free time (as the wedding planning was over) and felt like Switzerland needed a good wedding blog. For my wedding inspiration I always checked out American, English and German wedding blogs.

After my daughter was born in September 2015 I also wanted to blog about motherhood. And I also wanted to keep my readers as wedding planning usually only takes about a year. But after you get married, family planning usually starts pretty soon. So it was a heart and a business decision to start my second blog mama rocks.

GG: What is your favorite part of your blog?
Mademoiselle No More: The creative part – writing and taking pictures.

GG: Based on your blog, can you give some advice to our readers?
Mademoiselle No More: Always be yourself. Listen to your heart and not what other people are telling you. There’s a lot of interfering when it comes to wedding planning or being a mom.


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