My Wardrobe Detox

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Sweepstakes winner Joanna Rossi shared her experience of working with Signature Five. Read, smile and be inspired as Joanna shares her personal Styling Session after being awarded our winner….

Is shopping a hobby? I feel like it is for me, although I’ve struggled to explain this to my sisters and friends for a long time.

It isn’t just the act of purchasing that I enjoy. Yes, that has a certain addictive buzz to it (finding just the right dress/top/shoes that fit and flatter my figure/chest/legs and – oh! – it’s on sale! Never mind that I already have six LBDs in my closet – two with the tags still on – and no black-tie event in the upcoming calendar… I am sure I will find an event on the Girlfriend Guide to Zurich and anyway…this dress was meant for me!) but, more than that, it is the whole shopping experience that brings me joy.

I love to take in the décor of a shop (have you wandered yet through the multiple floors of Modissa on Bahnhofstrasse?) to savour the colours and fabrics of the new season, and to escape the demands of my kids/job/dog/house/life for just a little while…you know what I mean, right?

The problem is, this ‘hobby’ has left me with a lot of stuff in my cupboards and weirdly, nothing to wear. Hitting my 40s hasn’t helped; I feel like I’ve lost my confidence in my look right when I need it most. Are skinny jeans actually for everyone? And what about ankle boots? Should the jeans be tucked in or left out? Folded up? Is a boot-cut too 1990s?

And after sending the kids off to school, walking the dog, organizing my lessons for work, I have no time to wade through the clutter in my wardrobe. I’m usually left feeling harried with a slap-dash outfit that does anything but imbue me with confidence.

Enter fate via an email from the Girlfriend Guide to Zurich: Congratulations! You’ve WON a Wardrobe Detox with Monika Mueller from Signature Five.

First reaction? SO exciting! I’m so happy! Let me go have a good look at the Signature Five website…wow…glossy, chic, elegant…

Second reaction? A buyer for Burberry? Dior? London College of Fashion? What will she make of me and my chaotic wardrobe? Do I really want to do this???

Third reaction? Yes. Chin up. Be brave…this is just what you need.

And it was.

Monika is warm and professional; she is like the big sister or best friend who also HAPPENS to be an amazing stylist and she’s coming over to help you sort out your clothes.

Her process works; she had me complete three tasks before we even met. These tasks were fun and weirdly easy to fit into my schedule. They were things I’d meant to do for ages but now, with the Wardrobe Detox date fixed in my calendar, I made time to complete them. Monika assured me this would allow us to maximize our time together to clear out my clothes and create space for the things I love.

The Wardrobe Detox session itself was interesting and fun. Monika is positive and encouraging and she really set me at ease. Yes, she is beautiful and stylish, but she is disarming and truly cares about her client. This comes across clearly.

After a few hours, we’d chatted, identified a few key pieces, and culled my autumn/winter wardrobe into several looks that flattered my figure and were truly stylish. It felt good when I dropped two bags of clothes at the charity shop.

The next day, getting dressed for work was a breeze; the style notes that Monika sent to me, including photographs and guidelines for future shopping trips, were inspiring and clear. I am now shopping with ‘intention’ – I know what to look for and what I will actually wear. I don’t have to waste precious time in the mornings and I am looking forward to party invitations when I can slip into some of the more elegant items that I now feel sure will look polished and up-to-date.

And…in a few months, spring will arrive and I will certainly be in touch with Monika. In addition to the Wardrobe Detox, Monika offers Signature Style boards and bespoke services. Perhaps a personal shopping day with Monika in the centre of beautiful Zurich will be just the ticket…I am looking forward to it already!