Baby & Toddler Friendly Restaurants

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As the weather grows colder, moms (and dads!) across Zurich are searching for the perfect indoor spots where their kids can be kids without glares from the other customers.

Zuri Girl tested out restaurants across the city to find the top spots for you and your little ones.  The best part? If you’re looking to meet other Mamas, the atmosphere at all these restaurants is always friendly.

F&B kids room



Kafi für Dich. Stauffacherstrasse 141 , 8004 Zurich (Map) | Tel.: 043 317 91 60 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features: There’s a big play space in the back with a few toys and books to give the young kids space to toddle around.  There is also plenty of space to park your strollers by the bathrooms and a changing table inside.

Why We Love It: Good, healthy food at a reasonable price is hard to come by in Zurich. We can’t stop coming back for their delicious salads, quiches and ever-changing daily specials.

Zuri Girl Insider Tip: The playground, Båckeranlage, is across the street if extra energy releasing is needed. Besides tons of grass to run on, they have a sandbox, swings, slide, pool (well…really it’s a pond) and an enormous climbing area for the older kids.



Cafe für Dich. Stauffacherstrasse 141, 8004 Zürich (Map) | Tel.: 043 317 91 60 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features:  For children, there is an option to take half the portion of any menu at half the price. At the rear of the café is a designated and spacious play room for kids that is full of toys and games.

Why We Love It: The menu offers options for every taste and meal.  There is also relaxing music, newspapers and secured Wi-Fi available for all of their guests.

Zuri Girl Insider Tip: A reservation is highly recommended especially for groups!



Kaufleuten. Pelikanplatz, 8001 Zürich (Map) | Tel.: 044 225 33 33 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features: Children’s Afternoon – Every Saturday. If you have children, remember that every Saturday afternoon, from 12.30-16.00 there are skilled staff in the restaurant that are available to care of the little ones while the parents eat in peace.

Why We Love It: Tasty food, friendly staff, and a fun music loving atmosphere!

Zuri Girl Insider Tip: This location is known to have great music.  If you can, stay through the evening and hit up the attached club.


Quartiertreff Enge. Gablerstrasse 20, 8002 Zürich (Map) | Tel.: 044 201 29 37 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features:  The Quartiertreff Enge is a popular meeting place for families with small children. First of all, there are always other children there. And then other parents!  On Wednesdays and Thursdays Andy Pearson takes her guitar and even the little ones can come and sing along!

Why We Love It:  Your childs lunch is only CHF10- with a dessert!

Zuri Girl Insider Tip: The actual cafe is not very big with only about 20 seats, but comfortable. The hall on the first floor can accommodate up to 50 people. Both can be rented on Saturdays and in the winter months on Sunday mornings.  Fun for birthdays 😉



Tibits. Falkenstrasse 12, 8008 Zürich (Map) | Tel.: 044 260 32 12 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features: From the large space that leaves room for multiple strollers per table to the small  play area to the breast-feeding friendly sign on the door, Tibits is welcoming to Moms and Tots.  For toddlers, Tibits offer a Babycino (milk with chocolate shavings) for free and kid’s toy if mom buys a meal.  For babies, the staff are happy to warm up baby food (although best to ask at off-peak times when it’s not too busy).

Why We Love It: Tibits is the sister restaurant of Hiltl so we barely need to say anything more. The vegetarian food is healthy and filling and the warm and cold buffets stay open all day long so you don’t have to worry about coming too early or late.

Zuri Girl Insider Tip: You can always test out the food at home first because Tibits shares many of their recipes on their website here.   And be sure to tell your friends which part of Tibits you’ll be at – the restaurant is split into two different locations next door to each other.



Park im Grüene. Alsenstrasse 40, 8803 Rüschlikon (Map) | Tel.: 044 724 01 66 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features: Great spot for your kids birthday party with an outdoor play area.

Why We Love It: There is a sunny terrace for good weather that invites you to linger awhile longer.  It is also a self serve food station where you can chose any dish or combination that you and your family would like.  Perfect for children who want small portion dishes.



GRAIN BISTRO. Zürichbergstrasse 71, 8044 Zürich (Map) | Tel.: 044 261 02 81 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features: Great for groups, families (small play area for kids with toys) and brunch

Why We Love IT:  The Grain Bistro is known for its unique assortment of beer.  There is a great selection on-tap with friendly, knowledgeable staff who are passionate about beer!  As far as food, we would recommend the Pulled Pork Flatbread, 20 Hour ribs or the veggie burger, delicious!

Zuri Girl Insider Tip: If you’re a beer fan, Grain is always updating and changing their selection! There is also an English menu and a very American styled environment! Check out their beer based cocktails called Bocktails!



Manor. Bahnhofstrasse 75, 8021 Zurich (Map) | Tel.: 044 229 56 99 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features: They have a small play area with kid-friendly movies showing and plenty of tripp-trapp chairs.  There’s also easy access to the restaurant on the top floor using the lifts and bathrooms have changing tables.

Why We Love It: For only CHF 6- you can get a set kid’s meal that includes a drink and a small dessert, which is sure to be a hit with the kids.  Since Manor is buffett-style, you can actually fill the plate up however you like and as tall as you like (with only 1 plate) so moms of 2 might be able to get away with sharing. It’s conveniently located on Bahnhofstrasse so you can take a break from your shopping and pop in here.

Zuri Girl Insider Tip: The elevator is a little small and sometimes crowded, but if you have lots of buggies, ask the staff to use the service elevator. It’s much bigger and they are (usually) very happy to help you make a stress free escape.



Coop City (St. Annahof). Bahnhofstrasse 57, 8001 Zurich (Map) | Tel.: 044 226 9100 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features: A really, really great play area with toys that is sure to keep your kids entertained.  There’s also easy access to the restaurant using the lifts and bathrooms having changing tables.

Why We Love It: Coop also has a CHF 6.50 – set kid’s meal that includes a drink but no dessert.  It’s also conveniently located on Bahnhofstrasse.

Zuri Girl Insider Tip: For tired moms, with early risers, they offer a franc savvy breakfast option. A coffee, hot cocoa or tea; Gipfeli. Yogurt and mini cheese with honey and butter also for only CHF 6.50. That’s the cost of coffee alone at Starbucks!



Fork & Bottle. Allmendstrasse 20, 8002 Zürich (Map) | Tel.: 044 201 18 17 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features: There’s a big playroom space upstairs with lots of toys to keep the kids occupied and, when the weather is nice, a huge outdoor area where kids can safely run and play. Added bonus: both mom and dad can easily access the changing table.

Why We Love It: They have good American-style brunch offerings like eggs, bacon, pancakes and French toast. And as brunch turns to lunch, great artisanal beers are the perfect way for mom and dad to enjoy their Sunday out.

Zuri Girl Insider Tip: The owner is American and holds lots of family-friendly events for American holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween.



Le Pain Quotidien. Römerhofplatz 5, 8032 Zürich (Map) | Tel.: 044 251 62 60 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features:  A little corner has some toys for kids and the bathroom has a changing table. It’s not overly stroller-friendly but there are a few corners where you could stash yours away.

Why We Love It: They have fantastic handmade drinks (both hot and cold) that are as unique as they are delicious.  They also have a community philosophy that makes the atmosphere friendly as you sit next to friends and strangers alike at the large community table that runs the length of the restaurant.



BALTHO KÜCHE & BAR. Marktgasse 17, 8001 Zürich (Map) | Tel.: 044 266 10 14 | Website

Kid-Friendly Features: An excellent kids menu that includes three different dishes. Fish & chips, spaghetti, or chicken tenders.  The menu includes a small ice-cream and drink all for CHF10.

Why We Love It:  If the kids menu isn’t enough, the location will be.  Located near Zurich’s Rathaus directly in the middle of Zurich’s old town with a modern brewery and excellent food.  They also make amazing cocktails!


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